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Post  AMI on Sat May 07, 2011 2:51 pm

[ HETALIA Royal Academy AU ] Make Me Famous ! Kjjcopy

From the most prestigious areas of England there had been born of a Academy far from the years from we were born. Now this Academy, that was called the Victorious, had only served one purpose and one purpose only. To educate the rich and the royal. Yes. Way back all the way in the Victoria Era had it taught the same purpose. From Dukes in England, to Princesses in Monaco everyone here's had the same thing in common. All were royal, and all had rich and gold blood that ran through them, which made them all equal in the eyes of the headmaster, to grow larger into someone even more successful.

That was in till, these present years in which everything changed.

It was only now had they accepted middle class, and ' poor ' students as they'd like to call it. Average people and even the less fortunate who haven't owned a fifty dollar in their life began to collide with them. Thanks to the overcrowd of the uneducated more and more normal people from all over the country had came to join the Victorious family. And now in 2011, whether they like it or not Royalty had now collided with Normality.

So what will happen to these two factions colliding? One, who have been spoiled on their life who don't even know what chore is, while the other worked in the farms, or even lived on the streets only living with a penny. Royalty feeling like they need to feel bad for the other, while others feel to control, what will happen when one befriends, or even falls in love with eachother? And not to mention the servants in the middle, that have newly been inuaguarted into normal classes like everyone else?

We don't know what's going to happen and how are things going to work out. Make me famous or make me ruined, the story has only begun writing in this new and invigorating year.



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