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Perfect Enemy; A Suspense Hetalia RP Empty Perfect Enemy; A Suspense Hetalia RP

Post  PE on Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:07 am

Perfect Enemy; A Suspense Hetalia RP PEad2
This is what the citizen’s of Amenic city face every day. Aside from the members of the organization H.I.D.E, everyone in Amenic city is clueless to the fact they have been dehumanized with serial numbers and observed every single second. Most wouldn’t even know why they are being watched.

They are all people diagnosed with or suspected of having, Dissociative Identity Disorder. The goal of H.I.D.E is to study these people -and their other selves, in a natural environment. So in order to study how both sides act and the possible damage, they have set up the city of Amenic as their own, super-sized, personal observation area. Whereas they do hope gain a better understanding of this peculiar health issue, they also have the scientific desire to study it fully; even if it means the original personality of one of their subjects deteriorating into nothing as their alter ego takes absolute control.

All that can be said is, will you be a clueless test subject or will you grow wise to this deception?


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