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[: D E M O N :]

“The injuries we do and those we suffer are seldom weighed in the same scales” -Aesop
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"There's an undeniable beauty in tragedy."


Name: Francis (Bonnefoie- Good Faith, he picked it for himself as a little inside joke.)
Nation: France
Physical Age: 23

Appearance: (At least one paragraph)
“Appearances are often deceiving.”

Francis appears tall when he's rather average in height, his long legs give him an alluring stance like that of a sculpture. He draws attention wherever he goes. His face is is framed by gold coloured waves, reaching his shoulders in length. Honestly the man looks heavenly and sweet. With bright blue eyes like that of a blue sea he draws in everything. Despite their brightness, the warmth within them vanished when he fell. And when no one is near the eyes that draw in everything desperately search for something, searching for things he has no hope of having.

In hell, he appears even more collected, and his cold demeanor doesn't match the smiles he fakes on earth. His once pure white wings are now black as the coldest of nights. But before he fell he had ripped off one of his wings- the wing regrew itself black but a scar is left on his back whenever he is in his human form. So any of his human lovers can see the huge half V shaped scary. Never has he indulge anyone with the pleasure of knowing its source. To him it was a sign of himself giving into Sin. All of them. The proof that he has fallen.

He's a bearer of many secrets. On his thin lips, always lies riddles and words to play with the mind. His manners are graceful, in the way he moves and in the he speaks. His grace follows him in his human form, his motions always appear well thought-of and yet exaggerated as well. He appears to be a generally patient and happy young man.

But it is only stage performers who exaggerate their movements with such precise grace. And Francis is secretly one great actor.


Class: Arch Demon
Vices: Sloth, Envy, Lust

Sloth - Francis' main vice. Francis has the ability to plant seeds of despair within people. His powers manifest physically by blooming into flowers, lilies, a blue that should be impossible for the breed. These are Flowers of Melancholy. Receivers of the flowers are often plagued by their thoughts. And every time they look upon the flower they think of the person who gave it to them, overcome by the feelings they have for that person but always leading to self doubt.

But the price for this power is that Francis falls under his own spells. Going into long moods of depression. he becomes lost in his own thoughts, his eyes fade grey as he disconnects with the world around him. He doesn't even know where his thoughts drift to, he falls within himself and feels more exhausted than ever before. He doesn't allow anyone near him during these moments, retreating to his room for privacy, because sometimes he finds himself in a fit of madness.

Another very different sort of power Francis has gained is the ability to disappear and reappear where he wants. He's as elusive as his words.

Envy- Francis, second vice. Francis hates all lovers, he hates them so much that they've managed to get what he had wanted desperately. Now as a demon his mind is plagued by all the people who smile in their lover's arms. Now Francis aims to destroy these happy lovers, ruining their relationships, separating them blaming it through fate. He would happily watch Othello kill his innocent Desdemona, watch the moor realise that he has brought despair upon himself. And that is what he does, he tears people a part from their loved ones. Have them all experience the pain he felt, see them all blame it on God, for in a sick way it truly is His fault.

Lust- Francis has always been attractive, he grabs attention wherever he goes. But it isn't just that he draws attention. He takes it in the way he moves in the way he speaks. All eyes are on him, and it could lead to very...sensual outcomes. If he wills it he can have people who look at him think sinful thoughts. Flashing their imaginations with possibilities.

Former Virtues: Diligence, Patience


Personality: (At least 2 Paragraphs)
“Everyone believes very easily whatever they fear or desire.” -Jean de La Fontaine

Francis is a master of illusions and of telling lies. But he'd rather call himself a poet, he enjoys puzzeling his audience by speaking in riddles, he knows it captures their attention and it is with his words that they’re easily manipulated. He’s often described as strangely patient when in fact he’s just cunning. Waiting for the opportunity to strike, using time to his advantage. But he’ll kiss you or leave you without a second thought. One would sujjest neveer accepting a flower from him for they all grow in Acedia and fill the receiver of the gift with a great feeling of melancholy.

But in fact, despite his cool and collected ways. Francis is always on the edge of despair. He's restless on the inside and it and his powers of Sloth reflect so in his dreams. He sees everything he couldn't have everyone who has what he wants and mourns. And it wakes him up with such contempt that he does everything in his power to spread his misery.

He hates it. He hates himself and everything. But out of all of his hates. His hate for God is the strongest. For all Good comes from Him. But so does everything else.

History: (At least 2 Paragraphs)
“We are torn between a craving to know and the despair of having known.”

Francis had loved his God. He had stood by him during the Battle and he truly believed that his God too loved him. In his youth as an angel there was nothing that Francis lusted for-he was content. He had God and there was nothing else in this world that could compare. And he would happily take on any task bestowed upon him.

Francis was set to guide someone-guide and guard them to victory. She was allowed to hear him and she was allowed to know that God was protecting her. And in time Francis fell in love with the young girl-her name was Jeanne d’Arc.

A warrior and bearer of God’s will. She would kill all who stood in her righteous path and she would lead her army to greatness and victory. She could smile brighter than any sun, like an angel she was content in doing God’s will. So Francis fought and stayed by her side, no longer because he was ordered too. -But because he wanted to.

He watched her grow into a young woman and he couldn’t deny how much he just wanted her. He had had lovers before, but none of them had he ever-lusted after. Before it was a hobby something you just did- but now the world was flipped over. Francis wanted her, more than anything else. It just had to be her.

On impulse he gave himself a human form before her and told her how much he loved her, she refused his advances, claiming that if she was to accept his feelings in would be with vows in marriage.

Francis didn’t know if he was allowed to marry her- a marriage was supposed to be in between a man and a woman. But he proposed to her anyway. He loved her and he wanted to be with her, she had to be his and his alone.

Thus Francis returned to the heavens and asked the Holy Father to grant him this wish- his one and only wish -to become human and marry Jeanne. But God could see into Francis’ heart, And God saw himself second to Jeanne.

As punishment, Francis was never to meet Jeanne again and she could no longer hear the voices of angels. She was captured and ultimately burned at stake. Francis watched and fell into despair.

He was betrayed by the God he had loved and fought for. The woman he wanted, needed, craved for was dead and he could never meet her again. Francis jumped to earth, struggling with his belief, his grief and betrayal. He had never felt his soul so turned apart. He wanted to die, he wanted to kill. He wanted everything to go away. He envied nothingness.

“Eli…Eli…lamma, o Lord? Have you forsaken me?”

He started to tear out his wings- maybe if he did that he would become human- humans were capable of so much, of handling so many different emotions, of getting over them of dying. He wanted to love and forgive God for doing this to him, he wanted Jeanne smiling at him again. He wanted to be like them- he wanted he wanted, oh how he wanted them.

He despaired, with one wing torn out he cried loudly and no living being on earth could hear or see him.

Renounce Him.

A voice told him, as he laid on the ground staring into the sky, his blue eyes were filled with despair and his clothes were covered with blood.

Renounce Him and his power, his Grace. He has betrayed you, betray Him.

Francis closed his eyes and fell into darkness, he fell into despair and rose in contempt as an ArchDemon.

RP Sample: (At least 150 Words)
“I can endure my own despair but not another's hope.”

The cool crystal felt smooth underneath his fingers. It's misty white surface tried to taunt his eyes within. No, he would not give in. He was growing tired of despair...But his blue eyes fell and met with the deep of the Crystal Ball.

The tool of his own, before it would just stay as it was. A beautiful crystal a decor. A mystical weapon that transformed itself to Francis' needs. But now it was becoming his own undoing. Showing images that threw him into fits of despair, showing him images that indulged his envious nature. Images of lovers together living happily.

He wished he was angrier, he wished that just a minute was enough to send him off the edge, he wished he didn't watch for days without end. Watching, calculating. Waiting for the image to break, become something he didn't want, but it never happened. Not until Francis decided enough was enough.

And he himself would appear in person to tear the image apart.

But the crystal ball always had more to show. More images of happiness and weddings, of lovers young and old together. He knew it would never end but it didn't change the fact that Francis hated them. He hated them so much that he wanted to be them. He envied them and the crystal would always remind him of that much.

The ball glowed in his hands, showing a new face. His new victim.

He rose from his throne. All around him blue flowers grew in melancholy.

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-Songs that I was listening to help me really get into the theme; The last Time I've Cried/ Spanish Train / Broken Wings by Chris DeBurg - Crystal Ball by Styx., etc~

I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education. -Wilson Mizner

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Nice little touch with all the added quotes~ I might have to steal your idea ;3 Anyway, this was an amazing app and super fun to read >3<b


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