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[: D E M O N :]

((Sorry, no picture))


Name: Memphis (Saleh, if he feels the need)
Nation: Ancient Egypt
Physical Age: 25

Standing at most at 5’4’’, he is a rather small sort, and has a habit of making that all the more obvious by perching on chairs and counters rather than actually sitting. Full of almost nervous energy he’s constantly moving or fiddling with something. Thus he almost always has a deck of cards in hand to shuffle or play tricks with, or he’s pulling on his tie. Recently, he’s taken up the human habit of smoking, more to give himself something else to fiddle with than anything else.

If he’s passing as human, he tends to wear shades of black and white and a ring with an amethyst and a tie pin with an indigo stone. Having seen many ages of man, he looks like he didn’t want to leave the jazz age, wearing black slacks, vest and tie over a white oxford style shirt. He’s never been a fan of the robes of Hell—or previously the robes of Heaven for that matter—and would much prefer to continue wearing his human attire. His skin is a bit darker than the average inhabitant of Eden, and he has thick wavy black hair that’s just a little too long around his face. The majority of the time he’s found in his human form, even if he’s in Hell. That being said his actual demon form isn't much different, adding in a pair of black wings and relatively small claws.


Class: Demon
Vices: Lust and Pride
Former Virtues: Kindness


In many ways he’s unimpressed by Hell and the other demons there. But if he’s unimpressed by Hell, he’s even more unimpressed by Heaven. In fact, he generally doesn’t care much about rules, and tends to rail against establishments in general, saintly or damned. As such, he can be rather snarky, and dismiss warnings or threats out of hand, breezing through life rather than paying much attention to what anyone else has to say.

Being full of nervous energy he often comes across as being fairly mischievous, and actually considering he’s a demon, he never seems to do well with actually hurting humans. Oh sure, he’ll lure them into sin, but he rarely convinces them to hurt others, and he rarely actually hurts the humans himself. That’s why he enjoys using lust as a vice so much—not only do the humans enjoy sinning, but he doesn’t actually harm them physically ((his argument breaks down when one looks at what it does to their souls)) and gets a level of enjoyment out of it as well.

He enjoys work at places like casinos the most though, and this comes partly from his love of the jazz age. There is a great level of fondness he holds for card tricks, and games like Blackjack, and he likes the more classy atmosphere that you can still sometimes find in places such as that. He avoids slot machines, thinking them uncouth and uncivilized, and is a big fan of what he considers the “classics” in general—from gambling to books to even films recently, and everything in between. At least, what he considers the classics. He maintains that Dante was an unmitigated ass, and Shakespeare was immature at best.

When he was in heaven however, he loved music. It is a love that’s never fully gone away. When he was still an angel, though he wasn’t a seraphim, he would often be found around and near them, listening to their music. Now, on Earth, he has fallen just as in love with human music, a personal favorite being Jazz, but he’ll take most of it. The thing he enjoys most about music however, is dancing to it, and he’s picked up all sorts of different dances throughout the ages of mankind.

((Actually, you want his personality? Go look up “Black Fox” by Heather Dale. He’s the black fox. It should give you a pretty clear idea if nothing else has XD))


This was a demon that didn’t fall during the original fall. At the time, he saw no real reason to go back against god, since at the time there were no humans in the balance. Once the race showed up however, he stopped paying as much attention to god and the other angels, and as much time as he possibly could among humans instead. This was what would lead to his fall. He was honestly too kind hearted, and watching the different disasters that befell humanity, he began to question why god would allow such things to happen, and over a couple hundred years one thing led to another and he slowly started sauntering downwards. The defining event came when he was in Egypt though, on some assignment and he witnessed the ten plagues brought down by Moses. The killing of innocent human children was too much for him, and he renounced god, finally ending his downward trek in hell.

He liked it about as well as Heaven there, and really found contentment in neither place. As such, throughout the last centuries, he spends most of his time up earthside, mingling with humans at different points, and different places around the globe. He’s been run out by mobs, and danced at courts. At one point, it’s rumored he might have drunken a Mongolian horde under their tables. He had a special fondness for Egypt in the time of the pharaohs, having watched the pyramids go up. To this day, he's as likely to have some Eye of Horus around his person, and he enjoyed Art Deco way too much for bringing back at least some of the stylistic elements of the region. During this time, he’s encountered the angel Roderich, who seems to enjoy humanity about as much as he does, and they have a sort of agreement to at least not disturb each other’s plans while in the same town.

RP Sample:

Strolling from the Devil’s Parlour, Memphis run a hand through his hair, pulling the black jacket he was wearing closer around him, eyes scanning the streets before him. It was past midnight and edging back toward morning, but the sky was still at its darkest, and he regretted not being able to see the stars due to street lamps. That was one thing he disliked about electric lights going up everywhere.

But, there were so many bonuses to street lights too, he thought with a grin, weaving his way through the city. After all, it meant humans were up at all hours, and none of the night was boring anymore. He was a demon, why would he need to sleep after all? He hardly knew whether he was even going to actively tempt anyone or not that night, he just enjoyed being around others, and humans were so full of life and energy, sometimes even at four in the morning.

Humming to himself, he whirled around in the circle of light from a lamp post, before continuing on along his path to find somewhere else to spend the next couple hours.

And some Info on the actual Egyptian City of Memphis

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