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Post  victoriousscarf on Tue May 10, 2011 1:44 am

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Have you ever heard the story of Icarus?


Name:Sadiq Adnan
Nation:Turkey/Ottoman Empire
Birthday: October 20th

He’s a fairly large man, standing at at least 6'2'', and being very broad shouldered. His skin is a bit darker than most of the city’s inhabitants, and it’s not just due to being out in the sun more often. Atop his head, his hair is dark and long enough to be obviously wavy. A small double curl sticks out at the bottom of his neck, though he prefers to cover it in some way or another. His eyes are a warm golden brown.

When it comes to clothing he wears heavy clothes, usually in earthen tones, and various sorts of hats. He had a couple hats that are elaborate and honestly as unpractical as humanly possible, as well as some much more practical for actual everyday life, and it’s fairly obvious to tell what sort of a mood he is in from his headgear. Other than his hats however, he is almost always seen with a half face white mask, which though it leaves his mouth visible, is a great way to hide the rest of his facial expressions.



He owns a flower shop that specializes in Tulips and Lilies. ((Mostly just because he likes Tiger Lilies)). That being said, it’s possible he sells other things as well, but that’s for him to know and only the desperate to find out.



Sadiq is the type to hide many things. He doesn’t trust easily and has little inclination to let others get close to him—after all that just means being hurt. Which is not to say he isn’t kind if a little gruff around most people or that he doesn’t have a protective streak a mile wide, rather it means that while he’ll fight to the death for you, he won’t trust you. Kindness was something he wasn’t used to when younger, and it continues to surprise him to this day, and as a recent sort of experiment, he’s been trying it out himself to see if he can pull it off.

This is a man who enjoys a challenge. He’s not boastful, but takes a quite pride in all his abilities. If he sets his mind to doing any job, he won’t rest until he sees it done. Despite his checkered background, he has a great deal of patience and compassion though he would prefer no one else find that out. Which is hardly to say he doesn’t have his vices either, including even a minor addiction to good Turkish coffee. Thankfully it is hard to anger him on most days, for when that temper is roused it’s as bad as a tempest, and takes a long time to burn down to embers.

He likes children, and would prefer to have a household full of children and a lover and all sorts of people. However, he currently lives alone, and is never sure what to make of his empty place.


For the most part, Sadiq grew up on his own in the slums of Istanbul. It taught him all the skills to be on the wrong side of the law, and how to survive in almost any circumstances. That being said, it was hardly a life he enjoyed much. He left the city as soon as he was old enough to work his way out, catching the first ship out of port that he could get the captain to agree to let him work his passage off. After the first voyage, he stayed on for a while, before the captain was killed in an accident. After that he went from ship to ship, working his way around the world.

About this time, he fell in love, only to have his heart as broken as the ship when it crashed upon the rocks during a storm shortly therefore. After that, he left the sea and traveled by land, not settling down for many years. Finally, he realized he was starting to get tired, and settled down in the town of Eden, opening a flower shop. He’d always enjoyed seeing the different flora of different regions, and appreciated how such fragile things as flowers found ways to grow all around the world. Since opening the shop, he’s created several different greenhouses in attempts to grow flowers from all around the world. Some of his experiments have worked, and others haven’t. It keeps him occupied and challenged though.

RP Sample:

Sadiq entered his shop early in the morning, switching the sign around to open before leaving the front of the shop and heading to the back. He’d gotten in a batch of seeds from the south the other day, and was hoping to see how those flowers were faring. So far they’d looked rather sickly, but he had high hopes they would live, even if he could never sell them to customers.

Not that he seemed to care much about said customers. He wasn’t operating the store for the money after all, but rather the enjoyment of the place. There was so little for him to spend the money on anyway—it couldn’t buy him what he wanted, so what was the point?

Completely ignoring the front of the shop now, he set about pruning one of the bushes he was working on before going around and watering the flowers that needed to be watered that morning, checking up on the others and finally cutting a few, taking them to the front of the shop. If today was a quiet day, he wasn’t sure he would mind that.

:ooc information:

Name: Victoriousscarf/Meg
Age: 20
Time Zone (GMT +/-): -8 Pacific
Contact Information: (Optional)[/center] I have a skype that I’m willing to give out at my own discretion.

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Post  Jin on Tue May 10, 2011 1:57 am

Nice app~! His personality was rather sweet...especially the part about the kids~ We're all so happy to have finally found a Turkey >3<b


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