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War of The Species Empty War of The Species

Post  Fiona on Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:26 am

War of The Species Bairy1

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In a world where fantasy creatures are real, there is a never-ending battle to

take over the world. Whose side are you on?

Site Plot

It started 800 years ago, when Vampires rose to try and claim the world as theirs.

Naturally, others rose to oppose them. One of the first being the Werewolves. They

fought for a good one hundred years, neither getting the upper hand. And soon,

others have joined this fight to conquer the world. There were no Friends among

different Species - just Allies and/or Spies.

Merpeople, Mages, and mortals who were born with special abilities who call

themselves Mutants or Elementals have joined the fray. And none of them are

willing to back down. Not until their kind was the last one standing.

So... whose side are you on? And which will you follow; your heart, your

mind, or your Leader...?


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