Meet the Moderators~

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Meet the Moderators~ Empty Meet the Moderators~

Post  Jin on Wed Jun 01, 2011 1:04 am

: i c e l a n d :

Meet the Moderators~ Aisuu
Head Mod

Chatango Account: ShinattyonAisu
Specialties: Application Approval, Plot Mechanics, Forum Management, Rule Enforcement
Other Character(s): China, Poland
Timezone: GMT -6

: h o n g k o n g :

Meet the Moderators~ Jin

Chatango Account: PandaBaozi
Specialties: Graphics, Character Reservation, Forum Maintenance, Chatango Management
Other Character(s): Japan
Timezone: GMT -8

: e n g l a n d :

Meet the Moderators~ Iggy

Chatango Account: ImperialPirate
Specialties: Rule Enforcement
Other Character(s): Lithuania
Timezone: GMT -6

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