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Post  Erik on Thu May 05, 2011 11:03 pm

First, this RP does NOT try to be theologically sound. The ideas used in this RP are a mixture of ideas from various Christian teachings and literature. This RP is not here to proselytize or offend.

Second, a few things need to be noted about the theology of this world:

Angels and Demons are Angels and Demons and have always been Angels and Demons since the beginning of Creation (before the Creation of Man, though). Humans are humans and when they die, they become souls that live in either Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell. Here's how placement works:

Heaven-Humans who both believe in God and are good people wind up in Heaven. Heaven is basically like the best place ever... Disneyland without the ridiculous heat, high food prices, and long waits in lines.

Purgatory-Humans who were either non-believers but basically good, or believers who were sorta not that great, but not really terrible people, either. Purgatory is sort of a neutral place, like a waiting room with a bunch of magazines.

Hell-Humans who were both non-believers and really terrible people. Hell is basically like waiting at the DMV in the hottest place ever New Mexico while being eaten by worms.

Also, children and people who have never heard of God get a free pass to Heaven, because they're BASICALLY innocents. However, it's unlikely that any of the residents of Eden have never heard of God before, especially with all of the Angels.

Heaven and Hell are non-smoking areas. If you want your character to smoke, please have them do so outside of the gates.

Angels and Demons have specific rules they are to adhere to. Please see the "Rules" thread.

Most of the Demons fell after the Battle of Heaven, but some fell later. Please see the "Rules" thread for more information.

Human players WILL NOT DIE in this RP, partially for the reason that once a soul dies, they're basically either in eternal bliss, somewhat eternal "blah whatever," or eternal torment. Not really much that you can do plot-wise with that. Also, Angels and Demons can't die, either, as they literally can't die. They can get very, very hurt, but they can't die.

If anything else needs clarification, just ask me and I'll put up a note about it!

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