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Name: Alice Kirkland
Nation: Britannia; England, pre-unification
Physical Age: 20
Appearance: (At least one paragraph)

Alice is a young woman that seems only recently to have finally grown into her skin. There are times where her mannerisms still appear awkward, movements uncertain, but for the most part Alice has finally accepted the entire package. She is slim in build, and despite being of similar stature to many others still seems the runt in most groups that she keeps company with. When Alice does stand proudly tall, this is more obvious than when she slouches into her more common fretting (lecturing) posture.

She bares a striking resemblance to her male counterpart, Arthur. Her face is not even very differently shaped from the fallen one’s – girlishly rounded instead of having a womanly shape, like she has not yet outgrown her youth. Alice has sizeable green eyes the color of rolling green fields, brilliantly green and slightly too large for her face. They would be her dominant feature if not for the presence of thick eyebrows and a mass of yellow hair that is of considerable length. Alice rarely allows it to be cut, and on the occasions where she gives a lock of it away it is -- in her mind -- a precious gift to be given as tribute.

After the Battle for Heaven that resulted in Arthur Kirkland’s fall, the Higher Ups presented Alice with a pair of eyeglasses, and instructed her that she must wear them always. It was their hope that with this added gift of perception, she might not fall to the same temptations that had taken hold of her male half. Those spectacles tend to magnify the size of her eyes, giving her a startlingly direct gaze that makes some of her brethren – and certainly non-angelic counterparts – rather nervous.

While Alice does sometimes wear her Angelic robes for formal occasions, she can often be found in attire more suited to the modern business-woman. She likes pleated skirts, fitted jackets and will even often wear a tie despite it not being considered very feminine. Some would say that this is not entirely appropriate for an Angel of Chastity to be seen in, yet Alice feels that it is because of her Chastity that she might dress as she pleases – and woe to those unfortunates that dare to glance appreciatively where they shouldn’t.


Class: Angel
Virtues: Diligence; Chastity


Personality: (At least 2 Paragraphs)

Alice is a level-headed young woman, who on the surface might be judged as distant and melancholy. She tends to remain quietly observant in public situations due to a social awkwardness that Alice simply cannot shake. It takes a while for her to become comfortable enough to let some glimmer of her true self through this protective exterior armour.

Once she is ready, the woman exhibits a tempered passion, part of what she uses to fuel her with her duties. Alice is not so much ‘motherly’ as she is quick to temper. And such breaks in her temperament can lead her to give lectures to others – not in a desire to be cruel or condescending, but because Alice is very much aware the consequences of doing the wrong thing. On those occasions where interest is shown in her; whether it is flattery of her physicality, compliments on her behaviour or outright offers of licentious acts, this Chaste Angel is likely to become horribly flustered and often wields her Record Book against said person’s head with Righteous Fury.

History: (At least 2 Paragraphs)

In the beginning, God made a Male Angel. And He gave to this Angel His Love, and with it the powers to guide and protect the fates of Men. He let the Angel loose on that path, with all of His Blessing.

And then God realized that Male Angels were seriously handicapped in multi-tasking.

So the next time, God made a Female Angel. And He gave to this Angel His Love, and with it the powers to guide and protect the fates of Men – though hopefully this time in a more timely, efficient manner so that the work didn’t become so backed up.

Alice was created as just such an Angel. She was charged not only with guiding Man upon the path of Good, but also with the more mundane task of keeping the Records. Alice spent most of her time with her nose in a book, scribbling furiously away to make notations on the Deeds of Mortals – and even those of her own Angelic brethren. For this reason, the female never built much in the form of relationships. She took her assigned role quite seriously and hardly ever stepped out from behind those Heavenly pages.

Then the Battle for Heaven happened. And Arthur Kirkland was Cast Out. Alice had never known much of him, operating in different circles for the most part; and for all of their obvious resemblance as Male and Female counterparts, she had never sought to reach out to him to build some kind of foundation. In her eyes, Arthur had always seemed a little too hungry-eyed. And hunger generally led to the thirst for more things than what they had been granted.

It was a considerable wake-up call for Alice. God bestowed upon her the gift of Greater Sight, with those eyeglasses that she wears as a pseudo-penance for her Male half’s foul actions against Him. Alice found the means to become mobile with her job as a Recorder so that she can more readily witness the Deeds of others. She has kept a cautious distance from those who once had ties to Arthur Kirkland, uncomfortable with whatever reminder her face might give of his Damnation.

RP Sample: (At least 150 Words)

Alice crouched grimly on the edge of the roof of the Records Department with her arms clasped tightly around her knees, hair carried in the same breeze that sifted dust and ash through the air of Heaven. The damage to the rooftop wasn’t considerable; fortunately, most of the worst fighting had taken place further out. Only a few stray hits had shaken the building, just enough to send everyone inside scrambling in alarm. Alice had evacuated to the rooftop just in time to witness the more desperate, violent clash of the Battle.

She lifted a hand up to wipe across her face, as it had become coated with dust, and with it she felt the hot moisture of a tear that had escaped down her cheek. Alice was unaware that she’d even begun to cry. Yet every Angelic Being must have felt it – the sharp melancholy that radiated from Him. Their Lord did not enjoy it when He had to extend his power towards Holy Wrath, and this clear betrayal on the part of His Children had filled every corner of Heaven with a pressure of sadness.

When they found her, Alice tried not to look too much at the level of destruction that had been done to Heaven. Timeless places that had been laid to ruin in some profanity against God, the wails of those who had been harmed or still cradled those lost to them, and the discordant alarm bells that rang out across Heaven still in warning out of fear for a possible secondary attack. She flew with them to the Great Hall, where the attack and been fiercest and the damage was greatest.

As she went before God’s throne Alice could not speak a single word around the thick lump in her throat. She remained mute even as they put the spectacles in her hands, only half listening as they informed her of the fate of her Male Counterpart, and that she would need to work harder in the absence of those who had been Cast Out. Alice put them on without protest. They hurt her eyes to look through, vision straining to adjust to this new disorienting focus. She made no complaint as she knelt before God’s throne; her suffering was such a minor thing in comparison to the sorrow from that Glorious Light above.

Alice returned to the Records Department shortly after. The place was emptied now, yet she had no one to seek out or reason to have left. She dropped heavily to sit at her podium and the words she had written right before the attacks began swam in front of her eyes due to these new eyeglasses. As everything finally caught up to her all at once, Alice folded herself down across the opened pages and wept.

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