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[: D E M O N :]

Jin ~ Hong Kong Jin_Demon3_Small

“Those who hate most fervently must have once loved deeply; those who want to deny the world must have once embraced what they now set on fire.”


Name: Jin (金)
Nation: 香港 – Hong Kong
Physical Age: 16
Appearance: Jin is a short, svelte demon (save his hips) with pale skin and a rather violent disposition. His youthful face is framed by choppy layers of dark brown hair with long bangs brushed dutifully to the left, covering his unusually thick eyebrows. There's an air of cold indifference to him, and the rare smile that graces his lips is never without malice and contempt. Though Jin once shared the features of any normal angel, after the fall, Jin’s feathery wings gradually turned from white to black, his golden eyes now stained a deep red. Small fangs peek out from beneath his upper lip, though they're nowhere near as prominent as other demons'. He keeps his claws sharp and shiny, though they wear out quickly due to his habit of scraping them against anything he comes across.

When in Hell, he dons burgundy robes tied loosely with a long, deep green sash; if he's feeling particularly cheeky, he ties the excess fabric into a large bow. While posing as a human, he sports black clothing with dark red accents and is usually seen wearing hooded jackets. In both situations, he prefers long, oversized sleeves that completely cover his hands.


Class: Demon
Vices: Wrath and Envy
Former Virtue: Patience


Personality: While he was once the picture of serenity, Jin's descent into Hell has left him slightly unhinged, filled with with nothing but hatred and jealously; however, at times, he seems almost childish and carefree. Despite his outward calm, unresolved resentment smolders continuously behind his deep red eyes and he’s prone to snapping at anyone and anything at any moment. Jin is painfully blunt and sarcastic, often saying things without fully considering the consequences of his words. Those that mistake his tendency to daydream as a sign of weakness would be surprised to find out that he is actually very manipulative and always knows exactly what to say to get what he wants. Jin adores watching others suffer, whether human, angel, or fellow demon; however, he finds physical pain far too barbaric and temporary for his liking, preferring emotional torture instead.

Jin’s destructive behaviour stems from his uncontrollable desire for everyone to experience the same betrayal and heartache he had felt when he was forcibly cast from Heaven. He surrounds himself with others in a vain attempt to feel something, anything other than hatred, but his efforts always end in failure. Strangely enough, the only object that can set his mind completely at ease is a simple stuffed panda. ...And sweets render him completely harmless. For a while, anyway.

History: Jin was created as an angel of peace, quiet and a bit shy, but also very playful and kindhearted. There was no other angel that could get him to smile as genuinely as Erik; the two had known each other for as long as either could remember, and they were practically inseparable. The only being Jin trusted more than Erik was God Himself...and that blind trust was the key to his undoing.

He had been hearing rumours of a possible uprising long before the Battle of Heaven took place, but the very concept of ‘fighting’ was completely foreign to him. A short time before the battle started, he received a note from Erik, asking to meet him in their usual spot; when he arrived, he was surprised to find the other angel’s back to him, his hands clenched into fists. Before Jin could even ask what was wrong, Erik spoke.

“I hate you, Jin. I’ve always hated you.”

Of course, Jin needed some clarification, having never heard the term ‘hate’ before. When he finally realized what it all meant, the weight of what Erik had said hit him full force, bringing the angel to his knees. His words had to be true...angels couldn’t lie after all...so Erik must have really... Completely at a loss, he remained at the spot for what felt like ages, the stinging words repeating themselves over and over in his mind. It wasn’t until Lucifer approached him that Jin was roused from his stupor; the rogue angel promised him eternal, unconditional love if he joined his side. Jin refused at first, knowing full well that aligning himself with any side other than God’s was wrong, but the honey coated words wove their way into his weakened spirit, and eventually, he agreed to fight. The seed of hatred had been planted, and it slowly began to envelop the angel’s every thought.

When the battle began, Jin’s only goal was to find Erik and make him pay for the all pain he had inflicted. Hatred, revenge, heartache; he had never experienced any of these feelings until that day. Once they had found each other, the two angels began to fight, Jin’s attacks growing more savage with every hit; he had even managed to lop off a large portion of Erik’s right wing, an act that left him brimming with a twisted sort of satisfaction that both excited and terrified him. As the battle wore on, Jin was driven to the very edge of Heaven’s realm; completely exhausted from the fight and heart heavy from injuring his beloved friend, he was prepared to throw down his weapon and beg for forgiveness. He didn’t even care that Erik hated him; Jin would have done anything to win back his favour...

That is, until, he was pushed.

Jin stumbled backwards and fell into the gaping mouth of Hell, his arm outstretched in desperate hopes of Erik coming down to rescue him. This couldn't be happening...they were supposed to be best friends weren't they?

But the help never came.

He watched numbly as the world seemed to close around him and the hundreds of other angels that had fallen from grace, sealing them away from God's light for the rest of eternity. Jin had never felt so broken and betrayed; he had nothing left to believe in...except the hatred that Lucifer had so graciously bestowed upon him. Eventually, he allowed it to consume every fiber of his being, completing the permanent transformation from angel to demon.

It’s been 6000 years since the faithful and the fallen have seen each other, more than enough time to completely transform a saint into a sinner. Jin often wonders how Erik would feel when faced with the monster he managed to create with one simple push.

RP Sample:
Jin closed his eyes, basking in the early autumn sun while perched atop the large stone angel that guarded Eden’s public park. The air smelled wet, meaning it would probably rain later that day; he’d have to bring a jacket for after work...though that horrid casino always felt too chilly for his liking. Other than the incoming drizzle, the demon’s morning had gone by rather peacefully, the calming silence broken only by a loud, high-pitched chirping.

Annoyed, Jin looked to the direction of the noise, searching for whatever was responsible for interrupting his musings. He was surprised to find a small nest resting in a nearby tree, containing a pudgy mother robin tending to her two flesh colored babies. She busied herself with tucking in more leaves here and there and throwing up...something into their open mouths. Yet they continued to cry their shrill demands, waving their frail limbs impatiently, asking for more. Judging by their appearance, Jin guessed that they had only just hatched. They were hardly the cutest things at the in the world, but there was something very endearing about the scene.

After twitching around for a bit, the robin fluffed her feathers and took off, probably in search of more insects to vomit down her chicks’ throats. Jin sat up and quietly flew towards the nest, fixated on the squirming pink life forms; so helpless and pathetic, completely useless the way they were now. And yet their mother still dedicated every waking moment of her life to raising them.

How infuriating.

The slender Asian looked over his shoulder before inching closer, the baby robins twittering mindlessly under his nose. He looked at them curiously, his gaze shifting to the empty sidewalk below them. A smirk pulled at his lips. Jin extended a clawed finger and gently nudged the occupied cradle, slowly guiding it off of the branch. The chicks’ cries seemed to intensify as they were being moved, as if they knew exactly what was happening to them. Finally, without a second of hesitation, Jin gave them one last push.

Scarlet eyes watched with a sick amusement as the nest toppled off the edge, the two naked chicks continuing to call for their mother, hoping she would swoop down and rescue them from imminent death. There was a faint ‘poof’ as the mass of twigs and leaves hit the sidewalk; it wasn’t a satisfying ‘crunch’ like he was hoping for, but it was something.

And at least the chirping had stopped.

Shortly after, the plump robin returned, a reddish-brown worm twisting grotesquely in her beak. She cocked her head from side to side, hopping around the spot where her offspring had once been. Jin smiled at her, a gesture that was both sympathetic and cruel. The bird flapped her wings in frustration, circling the same area over and over, trying to figure out if she had landed in the wrong tree. He wondered when, if ever, she would realize that the pile of woven sticks lying below hid the bodies of her broken babies. Round and round the bird danced, black eyes scanning the area for any sign of the nest. The determination of such a small animal was absolutely fascinating to him; the devotion of a parent to its child was something Jin had long forgotten.

“Sorry Mama...~”

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