Im Sang Kyu // North Korea (WIP)

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Im Sang Kyu // North Korea (WIP) Empty Im Sang Kyu // North Korea (WIP)

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((Umm, idk if I'm doing human or demon yet, so I'm going to fill out the basics on the human app and if I decide to do demon I'll switch. ;_; ))

[: H U M A N :]

Im Sang Kyu // North Korea (WIP) LINK


Name: Im Sang Kyu
Nation: Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
Age: 16
Birthday: August 15
Sang Kyu is rather short (maybe 5'5" or 5'6") as well as much light and skinny. This coupled with his often tired appearance may cause him to look a bit…crazy, for lack of a better word. Despite being skinny however, he’s very physically strong due to his obsession physical training to try and make up for his small size.

His hair is dark brown – almost black – with his bangs pushed out of his face. Some time ago, his hair was longer and he kept it in a braid, though at some point he got sick of it always getting in the way and he chopped in off. All that remains of this is a very short ponytail, and if he were to wear his hair down it would just reach his shoulders. He also bears a curl similar to Yong Soo’s, though Sang Kyu’s curls more at the end.

Dark circles can often be seen under his eyes, as Sang Kyu is insomniac. When he’s not being overly-paranoid and actually does try to go to bed and get some sleep, he often has bad dreams, meaning he rarely gets a full night's sleep. His face is thin and he rarely smiles; any sort of smile he does crack is usually either a) fake, or b) genuine but at the unfortunate expense of someone else. A genuine, truly happy smile from him is indeed an event to be remembered. Other than that, he’s often seen with a rather blank expression on his face.





Not really one for social conversation, Sang Kyu keeps mostly to himself. He has a general dislike for people and is rather paranoid and distrustful, so it’s not uncommon to see him sitting on the side lines at social gatherings. Whenever he does happen to get involved in a conversation, he tends to be more of a listener than a talker, letting whoever he’s conversing with lead the conversation and giving his opinion only when he feels it’s needed or when it’s asked for. Most of his answers are short and to the point, and he very rarely rambles unless he feels very strongly about something. Overall, he’s a rather awkward person to have a talk with and tends to scare off any unsuspecting person who may’ve been willing to talk with him.

Usually, Kyu is very calm in appearance, but this can change very quickly. He’s a give-what-you-get type of guy, and has no problems settling little issues (even if they were accidents; he doesn’t care) on the spot. Short tempered and rather vengeful, he’s likely to start fights or escalate situations that simply started as arguments or misunderstandings into one.

Quite the loner, he makes few friends, but holds the ones he does make very close. Everyone else is simply an acquaintance to him. Being the independent soul that he is, he’s stubborn and often refuses help, claiming he can do it all himself without anyone else’s stupid assistance. He will rarely back down from a challenge unless the paranoia kicks in and makes him suspect this is some kind of trap, in which case he will try and weasel the situation into something more in his own favor. However, he is still easily baited and does not take blows to his pride well, which often causes him to hold grudges.

He often appears expressionless (or on days when he does show emotion, annoyed), and tends to only give small pieces of insight, keeping most of his thoughts to himself. When he does decide to share what’s on his mind though, he’s usually fairly honest, sometimes brutally so.

Sang Kyu, to put it simply, likes to be a bother. He’s rather immature in this sense; often doing things simply to get on other people’s nerves when he’s bored (which is often). Other’s misfortune is entertaining to him, whether he caused it or not. A definite sadist, and a probable masochist, he could accurately be considered a bully, or at the very least, a troublemaker. The rules of society often don’t matter to him.

History: (At least 2 Paragraphs)
RP Sample:
In times of war, one couldn't afford to be alone.

Even isolationists like North Korea realized this. If he were to try and stick it out on his own during wartime, he wouldn't last long, and he knew it. He was likely to be invaded and taken over before he even had a chance to call on his longtime ally, China, and even then, there were no guarantees that his beloved Hyung would be able to, or even be willing, to help.

It was time he took action--time he opened up a bit and made an effort to get someone else on his side. Surely there were others with similar interests and goals to his. And in times of war, there would be others willing to give a little and get a little to ensure that they had backup if something went wrong.

Something snapped him from his thoughts. Glancing up, he watched as several people went around shaking hands, thanking each other for attending. Oh, he'd been at a meeting, right... People were walking out now, so it seemed to be the end. Looking around, he wondered if anyone here would have similar interests to him... A flash of blonde hair caught his attention.

Belarus. Something about her personality seemed to say to him that she might be willing to strike a deal with him. Perhaps a deal that would lead to an alliance, or even just a flat out alliance with no prior bargaining. She seemed very all-business-no-nonsense, very similar to himself. It was worth a shot. If not...

Then at least he'd know what her goals weren't.

Without rising from his seat, he waited until most of the people had left the room before trying to get her attention. "Belarus," he called calmly. "Would you please stay a moment? I've got something to discuss with you..."

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