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"Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes."
-Marquis de Sade


Name: Sophia (Karpusi is the human name she has chosen.)
Nation: Greece
Physical Age: 25
Appearance: Sophia is neither short nor tall, with a body dominated by lush curves but sculpted by muscle. Her hair is thick, wild, a mass of chocolate colored silk, and her face is arresting, her eyes enormous, haunted, long lashed and mesmerizing. A vivid, brilliant green-yellow holding shadows and secrets, the eyes of a cat, a predator. Even her mouth is sculpted and inviting. But Sophia holds much more than physical beauty. She holds a subtle allure; even her voice is musical, mysterious, compelling. Mystical. And that is the most dangerous of all. The perfect package for a Succubus who can crook her little finger and bring men crawling to her. If Sophia chose to use her voice, even her Demon brethren would be hard pressed to resist her call.

Even when she was an Angel, Sophia possessed a natural grace and sway of hips. As a Demon, that has been multiplied. She does not dress to impress, choosing simple clothing to wear in Human form, and flowing robes while in Hell. Protruding from the top of her head is a single lock of hair that splits into two curls; it is one of her few weaknesses, known by very few, and when touched, will reduce her to a quivering aroused mess. On the curve of her left breast is the symbol of the Omega, burned into her flesh the moment she Fell. The beginning and the end, women produce life and end the life of men.


Class: Seraph
Vices: Sloth, Lust
Former Virtues: Chastity, Patience


Personality: At first glance, Sophia Karpusi seems to be a lazy and unmotivated bum. Content to spend her days sleeping in the shade of apple trees or playing with the many cats of her home, and her nights among dripping candles, silk sheets, and sweating bodies; she is hardly a role model for anyone. Underneath that seemingly carefree exterior, however, lays a philosophical woman who is constantly thinking about many different things. Life and death, love and hate, the eternal stars and mortal earth. Everything and nothing at all. With a carefully guarded poker face, she rarely if ever reveals what her true thoughts are.

Despite her Fall, Sophia’s personality has changed very little. As a top ranking Seraph, she does what she wants, when she wants; most question how she was able to attain the title, but it is simple fact that she is good at what she does. A thing that separates Sophia from other Demons is the fact that she rarely, if ever, takes innocent souls. Such a strange way for a Demon to act, but unless ordered by the Boss Man, she does not touch the pure. She is, however, highly sexual as all Succubi tend to be, and both Humans and Demons cannot resist her call. Even a few of her former brethren have fallen under her spell; most suspect that that is the reason she does not seem to need to follow the rules. Corrupting and causing the Fall of an Angel is kinda a big deal.

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