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Anya Braginskaya (WIP) Empty Anya Braginskaya (WIP)

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Anya Braginskaya (WIP) Tumblr_le08h1CmN21qagoh7o1_500
"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness."


Name: Anya (Braginskaya when she needs a last name)
Nation: Russia
Physical Age: ~25
Anya's rather tall for a woman, taller than a lot of men actually. This can often make her seem scarier, with a frozen, empty smile that she almost always has.


Class: Demon
Vices: Wrath, Envy
Anya's powers from Wrath come in the form of illusions where she can trap people in a nightmare realm. Just being in one of her nightmare realms is maddening and can easily spark rage in others and although what she creates is not real, any damage- physical or psychological- stays with them.

As with envy, Anya hates everyone who seems to be happy without her. What is it that they have that lets them be so joyful that she doesn't have? When the envy grows enough, she can "suggest" thoughts to these people who she's so envious of. It doesn't mean that she can fully mind control them or anything, but she can create a situation where the formerly happy person now had malicious thoughts whispering constantly in the back of their head all the time.
Former Virtues: Charity, Kindness


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