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Post  tomatodammit on Sun May 22, 2011 10:55 pm

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Lovino Vargas - South Italy 96krav


Name: Lovino Vargas
Nation: Southern part of Italian Republic
Physical Age: 22
Lovino looks like a young man in his early 20, if not younger. He's quite short compared to other demons of his age. You can see him frowning most of the time. Both of them make him looks like a troublesome teenager instead of a gentleman. His other distinctive feature is the gravity-defying curl like the one his brother has. While his brother's curls is from his left bang, Lovino's was from this fringe. He has green eyes that always clouded with anger and jealousy.

Like most demons, Lovino has black wings and claws which distinguish demons from humans and angels. Based on his vices, he wears a red robe with green sash although he prefers to use shorter robe and uses other garments underneath the robe. For him, robe is only a matter of classification and identity. As human he likes to look rather formal in a black or white suit with red tie. But mostly, he'll pick what is the best for him to wear for specific association. He's quite fashionable when it comes to what he should wear.


Class: Demon
Vices: Envy & Wrath
Former Virtues: Diligence & Charity


Mostly, what you can get from Lovino is his cranky and foul mouthed side. He will throw most of his curses to almost everyone around him. This was a lot more worse after his fall which, in his own idea, means that he can curse more without thinking much about the consequence.

One of the thing that anyone must avoid is comparing him with someone else. It's one of the most sensitive topic for him and actually was one of the reason why he fall on the day of the Great War. If anyone would ever mention about how the others are better than he is, he might either sulks, attacks or showers them with the best curses he can say. The last is more likely to happen actually.

Aside from his foul-mouth, he still has his diligence part as a demon. He may be diligence but lately laziness seems to have covered his diligence. Sometime he still shows that part of him, especially on working what he likes the most, cooking, gardening, pulling pranks and annoys people. His virtue as charity? He might not hate everyone deep down from his heart, but he can't like them as his envy takes over him from time to time.

He enjoys his own cookings and most fine food he can find. He's considerably picky about what to eat and if he set his mind to hate a certain food, he will hate it with a passion.

Put your money into work, you will gain more. Each of us has talents according to our ability.

Ever since he was small, Lovino always been the second compared to his own brother. Sometime it's not only the second. "Hey, Feliciano's brother, how are you today?" Feliciano this..Feliciano that.. "Why can't you be as nice as your brother?" He can't be someone who is better than his own brother. In every single thing, he's always the second one. How hard does he try, he can't be someone better.

The weakness of his heart was seen by Lucifer. He, who would not miss such chance.
"Do you think God treats us equally?"
"It's your fate to be the lesser Vargas among both of you."
I don't believe in fate.
"God creates us, doesn't He? Why would He make one of us better than the others if He's treats each of us equally?"
But we can't rebel against Him, we can't win against Him.
"It's not about winning the war. It's about taking what we deserve. Our freedom, our justice."
Are you telling me to fight against Him, and my brother?
"Renounce Him, Lovino Vargas."

RP Sample:
Walking down a crowded street, Lovino twiddled the little pouch he snatched from a random passerby. "Fifty bucks.." Well, that will be more than enough for a dinner. Maybe he could save some as well. Unfortunately human currency doesn't work in hell. He could always steals enough money for himself in the human world without getting into trouble. Looking for a job in hell is probably as hard, if not harder than in the human world.


Even his bum still hurt. Why can't his roommate-flatmate, Jin, sleep properly and not kung-fu-ing in his sleep? With their limited budget, they can only afford a small flat. It's Jin's idea to buy a bed instead of two. He said it's to save the money. Whatever, as long as he didn't kick him most of the time. They have been living in sort-of-poverty since how lazy they are.

Anyway, how would he spent this fifty dollars? Booze? Cracks? Nah, probably on some /expensive/ food and tomatoes as the side dish.

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Be sure to talk your history over with Feliciano, if we ever get him ^^-

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