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Name: Amelia "Lia" Estelle Jones
Nation: United States of America
Physical Age: 19
Amelia is 5'2" tall and weighs a light 123lbs. Her height is a bit of a touchy subject, but her weight isn't anything that she's embarrassed about. Her build reflects her height and weight and when she's wearing her robes, it's hard to tell that she is as strong as she can be. She looks very light and almost breakable, but is very strong, especially at the core and in her arms. As far as her shape goes, she's very feminine and has a very curved figure wide hips, large chest, it's very easy to tell she's a woman. Her hair is a golden brown color, slightly wavy, and falls to about her shoulders. Her eyes are a shade of grey blue and sparkle in the light. They are one of her favorite physical features. She can almost always be seen with a smile on her face and tends to give off a very welcoming air, but can also be short tempered. As far as clothing goes, Amelia's tastes are greatly varied. She prefers boots to anything and can often be seen wearing a pair. She also prefers short shorts and skirts as well as tied tops or tank tops when she's walking around Eden. When it involves business, she tends to wear longer dresses rather than formal suits. Her robe is a base color of green with a golden sash.


Class: Archangel
Virtues: Kindness, Charity

Amelia's major power is the power of healing. She can heal just about any wound that you can think of, although her powers are stronger when she's working selflessly and when she is using any of her powers for selfish reasons, her powers are weakened. She can heal humans with very little backlash, but healing major wounds inflicted on angels causes her to grow very weakened, near the point of passing out. She is also very empathetic and can see the emotions of humans as well as sensing the emotions of both angels and demons.


Many people will tell you not to judge a book by it's cover, and this statement couldn't be more truthful than it is when dealing with Amelia. At first glance, Amelia seems like a very kind and naive girl who doesn't have a care in the world. This is how many people who see her think, and it tends to lead to many people underestimating her talents. She's not shy when she meets people though, on the contrary, she's very loud and outgoing and seems to enjoy the spotlight, but this isn't quite as true as one would think. She is indeed very kind and always willing to give of herself, but she's not as naive, innocent, and trusting as most people would think.

Under the mask she puts up, Amelia is very focused and level headed. She loves to give things and help people more than anything else and takes pride in her ability to do so. She is very happy and always eager to do her job, but the level headed personality that is doubled with it leads to her being very narrow minded and focused when it comes to her job and sometimes she doesn't think about other things that need to be done. She always manages, however, to get all jobs done in the end. She's also not nearly as trusting as one would think that someone like her would be and, while she has no trouble doing random acts of kindness, she has a great deal of trouble accepting when people return the favor.

If there's one problem that Amelia's got, it's the fact that she acts off of emotional impulses. This could be both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on the situation. When she feels sympathetic towards someone or sees someone right away, she acts instantly, which is always a very good thing. The negative side of this is that she has a good deal of trouble when she's upset and tends to act in the same impulsive way. When someone has wronged her, she can have a quick temper and can snap back. She would never, thankfully, commit an act of true and deadly violence out of anger and the only time she will get violent is when she's defending herself or her loved ones. Her words, on the other hand, can be quite biting and vicious when she's upset and some will note that they're worse than when she's violent. All together, though, this is more of a stick side note than an actual prominent feature of her personality and most people tend to overlook it.

Amelia's always believed that her beginnings were just like all beings who began life in the Lord: utterly innocent. She started her life not knowing what was perhaps the most important fact of her existence, who she was. Not in the sense that she didn't have an identity, it was more that she didn't know what she was truly created to do. She believed that she was one of the angels who had the job of ensuring the happiness of God's children and while this was true, she had the ability to be much greater. It was an ability that those she served under left out, not of jealousy, but because they did not know what to do with her true abilities. So she served as any angel with the virtue of kindness would serve. She was caring, mothering, and absolutely perfect for the job she was doing and for a time, she believed that everything was as it should be.

She met her 'brother', Alfred, and his mentor, Arthur, when she was still young by the days and she instantly took a liking to the both of them. There were some things she wasn't sure about, at least as far as their jobs went, but she enjoyed their company and there was no doubt about the fact that she liked being around them. Shortly after she met Alfred there was an incident with one of the higher guards and, in a desperate act, Amelia discovered her real power: healing. She managed to heal her trouble making brother up, but further than that she kept her healing powers on the down low and believed she would keep it that way. She believed this not because she was afraid of what the higher ranking angels would do, but because she honestly believed there was no need for the power of healing.

And then came the great Battle of Heaven.

There was utter chaos and Amelia's entire 'perfect world' was thrown to pieces. After watching Arthur (among others) side with Lucifer, Amelia swore she would not let those who remained loyal God fall. She also swore that she would not fight those that she had once cared about and so, putting down any thought of wielding a weapon, Amelia went into battle. She used her recently discovered powers of healing to heal all those on the side of Heaven who had been wounded. After the battle, she was recognized for her efforts. She was the Angel of Healing and was given more duty and power.

After the battle, Amelia's life calmed down once again, though she has still sworn never to forget the way that the others fought in the battle. It has lead her to believe that, while fighting may be necessary, there are ways to be useful without harming others. She is one of the only angels with the power of healing and puts this power to use healing both physical wounds and emotional wounds of angels and humans alike. Currently, she is continuing her previous work in Eden, healing the strife of God's children and singing the praises of her Lord.

RP Sample:
It was late at night when Amelia decided to take a stroll through Eden that day. The moon hung full in the sky and her blue eyes remained trained on a star that sat just on the horizon. There was something about the stars that always caught her attention. Something that she couldn't place. They were pretty, stunning, dazzling even to her who had seen so many amazing and beautiful things. They were proof that God was there, watching over them just like all of the angels, they were proof of his power.

She stuffed her hands in the the pockets of the jacket she was wearing, the wind started to pick up and a sigh escaped her lips as she watched a couple walk by, arguing. Typical. Probably the work of one of the lower powers. She brought her head down so that the wool around her collar covered her ears and watched them, murmuring a prayer under her breath and hoping that it would heal whatever strife they were going through. When it didn't work, she subtly changed her direction and walked towards them. "Good evening." Her voice came out like silk, calmed by the quiet of the night.

The continued walking without a word, Amelia spun to watch as the man landed a slap straight to the girl's face. Her temper flared slightly, "Hey!" She shouted at them in a voice much more commanding than the one she'd used previously. They both spun around and she frowned, "You shouldn't slap her."

"She deserved it!" The man insisted.

"You've got a beautiful girl on your hands." Amelia smiled, coming up with an idea. She could tell that the man was angry and the girl was feeling self-conscious. "And you're pretty handsome yourself. You two shouldn't fight, it makes you both look ugly." With this she walked away, listening.

There was silence and then she heard the man apologize softly.

Everything was once again at peace.

:ooc information:

Name: Dawn (Dawny, Dawners, ext) or any of my character names (Amelia, Fem!America, Lia, ext)
Age: 17 (Birthday is July 13)
Time Zone (GMT +/-): Mountain Standard Time (GMT - 7)
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