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Name: Alexander “Sasha” Arlovski (he uses that surname when he needs to…and only his closest family members are allowed to call him ‘Sasha’ without any consequences)
Nation: Belarus
Physical Age: 21
Appearance: Alexander is very skinny, with ivory skin and ice blue eyes that are framed by sandy blonde hair. On the top of his head, there’s a small bunch of hair that sticks up above the rest. He’s never bothered to do anything about it, and if anyone mentions it, the look he gives them shuts them up fairly quickly. His features are sharp and rather pointed, giving him an alluring yet intimidating look that, more often than not, scares others away. His eyes carefully hide whatever he may be feeling, which often gives him an uninterested or blank expression, and the fact that he has the tendency to stare doesn’t help much. In Hell, he wears the colors of his vices, red and green, respectively (the main color is red, but the lining and the sash are green). On earth, however, he prefers to wear simple clothing, and is never found there without his favored black coat, which hides a well-cared for set of knives that he uses for his own ‘entertainment’.


Class: Demon
Vices: Wrath, Envy
Former Virtues: Diligence, Patience


Personality: Alexander is, for lack of a better term, a rather complicated being. On the surface, he’s cold and calculating, quiet and reserved. He’s often silent, and when he does talk, he doesn’t say much unless he really wants to be heard. Despite his inability to show emotions, however, he does have a bad temper. When something makes him angry, he really gets angry, and he has no qualms with killing or otherwise violently disposing of whatever it was that agitated him. He’s downright scary when he’s truly angry, and it’s best not to get on his bad side if you value your life.

However, under that, he’s had some troubles with feeling insecure in the past. He loves being praised, even if he can’t seem to outwardly show it, and the fact that people tend to run away from him kind of upsets him at times (unless it was his intention). When he warms up to someone, he can be fiercely devoted to that person, and will go to many lengths to be praised and to protect them. Contrary to popular belief, Alexander can actually be quite gentle and even loving if he tries, much to the surprise of almost anyone who has ever met him—angel, demon, or otherwise. Although he is rather socially detached, and therefore finds it increasingly difficult to express himself, he isn’t incapable of caring. It should also be noted that Alexander quite likes music, and is very drawn to it, sometimes even without his being aware of it.

But despite his underlying ability to be gentle, he’s not quite right in the head. Ivan’s fall and the Battle of Heaven snapped something in his mind, and though he generally hides it well, he’s not fully sane. He has violent tendencies, and if he’s agitated or upset in any other way, he’s terrifying, and feels the need to kill, maim, or otherwise torture any other living being, be it the thing that upset him in the first place, or the nearest unfortunately placed object, person, or being worth the time. He finds entertainment in the suffering of others, especially when it is he that caused it. He finds it hard to hold a normal conversation, and is horrid with showing his true feelings. He’s not the kind of person you generally feel comfortable around, and because of this, even when he tries to be more amiable, others still flee from or are very timid around him.

His old virtue, Patience, still shows in him, however. He is still incredibly patient…but this is not always a good thing.

History: While still in Heaven, Alexander’s gentle side was a bit more apparent. Before the Battle, he wasn’t quite as unhinged, and those who knew him well enough could see that he wasn’t as emotionless as he often appeared. He cared very much for his closer family members, [Ukraine*] and Ivan in particular, and still does, in his own way. He had been content, always following Ivan around when he could. He looked up to Ivan more than any other being, and always sought his approval before anyone else’s—even before God’s, on occasion. He wanted Ivan to be proud of him, and did everything that his elder, more powerful brother happened to ask of him.

Then, Ivan fell.

Alexander had been both hurt and confused. Why would his beloved big brother do such a thing? Why would Ivan leave him like that? He didn’t understand. His distress was less because his brother had denounced God, and more because he felt Ivan was leaving him. The only option, then, in his mind, was to follow Ivan. He did not need any corrupting from Lucifer. He gladly turned his back on God, because wherever Ivan went, he would loyally follow. Because a world without Ivan, to him, wouldn’t be much of a world at all.

Since then, however, he hasn’t been quite the same. Ivan’s fall and the Battle had upset him more than he let on (seeing your family fight each other to the death and watching the one you look up to most turn his back and leave tends to be traumatizing for most, after all), and it was afterward that ‘Wrath’ really started showing in him. He enjoyed the pain of others, and he enjoyed corrupting the humans.

One thing that never changed, however, was his loyalty to Ivan (even if the elder didn’t appear to appreciate it; Alexander is still trying to work out why).

(*I simply put [Ukraine] because I’m not sure which we’re going to get first (male or female) and I’m not sure what they’re going to call him/her. So I’ll just leave it [Ukraine] for now, if that’s alright with the mods!)

RP Sample: It was cold.

Alexander stood beneath a dead tree, small flakes of snow falling softly all around him. The wind blew his coal-colored coat around with a gentleness that seemed almost ironic, considering the sharp feeling of cold it brought with it. All was perfectly silent, save for the quiet sound of snow hitting the ground. It was calm and peaceful in its own way, despite the stinging chill and the eerie darkness that accompanied it.

He sometimes wondered what Ivan saw in this place.

He frowned at the thought of questioning his brother, but he did not see why Ivan liked this place. He did not see why Ivan loved that human so much. He wanted Ivan to love him, not that useless human. He was better, he understood Ivan better than anyone, better than that mortal woman who would eventually die and hurt Ivan. And he did not want Ivan to be hurt.

But it did not matter, he supposed. For now, she made Ivan happy, and Alexander supposed that that would have to do. He did not want to have to see Ivan upset, and if the woman pleased him, then Alexander would leave her be. However, he couldn’t help but think that something was going to happen to his beloved brother soon; something that would change everything…something bad.

But he supposed that it was a thought for another time. Perhaps he would speak to Ivan about it. He closed his eyes for a moment, focusing on the frigidness of winter that he never felt back at home, before spreading his wings.

It was as if no one had ever been there.

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