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Yong Soo Im - South Korea Thinkingsk


Name: Yong Soo Im
Nation: South Korea
Age: 16
Birthday August 15th
Appearance: Taller and looking older than his age, Yong Soo has dark brown eyes. His black hair is kept short, with the exception of a single curl on the top of his head that spits in the face of gravity. There’s usually a wide grin on his face, though it doesn’t always reach his eyes.

Usually Yong Soo can be seen in jeans, excessively long sleeved tshirts and hoodies. He also has a wide variety of Kpop themed clothing. Gameboy, PSP, or cellphone, there is usually some form of a gaming system in hand.


Occupation: High School Student


Personality: Yong Soo is a positive person, who likes to focus on the good things in life. He’s friendly and likable; someone unlikely to cause anyone any grief outside of some mild annoyance. However, due to years of neglect, he is quite lonely and starved for attention. Because of his lack of friends, anyone who does pay him attention is usually put off by his almost suffocatingly enthusiastic responses. He clings to Toggi, Yong Soo’s pet cat that he’s had for several years.

Oftentimes, Yong Soo will turn to his video games for solace. Spending several hours a day on mmorpgs and every other spare moment on various handheld games. His dependence on video games and a fantasy life to escape his real life border on the level of being an addiction. Yong Soo doesn’t like to admit to his loneliness however, and deny it when confronted.

History: Yong Soo lost his mother at an early age. His father, who was a work-a-holic to begin with, threw himself deeper into his work in his grief from the loss of his wife. For a majority of Yong Soo’s child hood, he was moved from city to city; each time with a new babysitter or nanny to care for him while his father was on business trips. When Yong Soo turned thirteen years old, his father decided that Yong Soo was old enough to take care of himself and stopped hiring help. The result was a lonely teenage boy who basically raised himself. Because of the frequent moves, the Korean boy was unable to keep friends. Toggi, his cat, has been the only constant companion in Yong Soo’s life.

Now at age sixteen and living in Eden, Yong Soo may see his father for an hour or six every month or so when the man stops to wash clothes and sleep between business trips. Often times the only proof that his father was home at all would be a stack of money and a gift left on the kitchen table.

RP Sample: Yong Soo paused his game, standing and stretching. He felt the pops and creaks as his body adjusted from the hunched position his gaming had forced it into for the past eight hours. Toggi, his white and grey spotted cat, was hungry. It was easy to ignore his slightly impatient mewls as Midna rode Link’s wolf form over the land. However as time went on and it actually was Toggi’s dinner time (and his), Yong Soo figured he could turn off his game for a few minutes.

Stepping into the dim hallway, Yong Soo flicked on the lights of the kitchen. He was halfway to the cabinets that held Toggi’s canned happiness, when a gleam on the kitchen table caught his eyes. There was another new video game on the table, a neat stack of bills laying on top of it. Hurrying to the living room, he looked out the window to see the driveway empty, as it always was.

Chewing his lip, Yong Soo went back to the cabinets. Somewhere in the eight hours he had been playing Twilight Princess, his father had stopped by for the first time in almost five weeks for his usual nap and clothes washing. Yet again, the man hadn’t bothered to spare five minutes greeting his only remaining family member.

Picking up Toggi for an impromptu snuggle, Yong Soo pressed his face to the cat’s thick fur, ignoring the annoyed meows he got in return. “I’ll feed you in a minute Toggi, I promise.” the boy mumbled as he blinked away hot tears. “I promise, just a minute.”

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