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Gilbert Beilschmidt || PRUSSIA <Complete>  Fdfgf
"You Either Die a Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain."


Name: Gilbert Beilschmidt
Nation: Prussia
Physical Age: 22
Appearance: The most notable feature about Prussia is that he has Albinism. Caused by a total lack of Melanin Pigment in His eyes and Skin, As well as his Hair. Causing his Eyes to appear a deep, ruddy Red. His Skin an Off, Almost Sickly White Color, almost ashen looking. His Hair is also extremely pale, Almost silver-white. His Hair is Very fine, and grows very slowly. His Choice of attire is usually something loose and comfortable, And usually something Black, brown, or A Deep Blue in Color. He'd Rather be caught dead then wear something bright Red. It clashes badly with his skin and Eyes. He Has three scars. The First being over his Left eye. Starting just at his cheek, branching upwards over his eye and along his forehead, up past his hairline. he usually Has a Fringe of hair that covers most of the top part of the scar, the area above and below his eyelid being the only really visible part. The second scar Branches down from His shoulder, to his chest. a Long Gash-Mark on his shoulder, where the Arm looks Like it was almost completely cut off, only to heal. Branching down to a starburst-like Mark over his heart. He Never speaks of this scar, not even to His Family and Closest friends.
The Last of his Scars are Many and Small, All littered about on His Hands. Looking like His Hands were put through a shredder, covered in Scar tissue and long, improperly healed lacerations. He Wears a pair of black leather Gloves over these scars, Hiding them from sight at all times. The Cause of these Scars are mostly Self-Inflicted, caused back when he was An Angel, Just before he fell.
He still Wears a Cross on his Person; Black and Silver in color. Underneath his clothing. It is actually made of simple Irons and copper, as an Actual Silver would burn his skin as a Demon.
On His Left shoulder, he Has a tattoo of a Guitar. He's Rather Musically Inclined, Being able to play the flute, Guitar, and sing well, so he got this tattoo as a symbol of it. The Base is colored black and white, with a black eagle curled around the bottom of it. The top of the tattoo, the most interesting part of it, is the tuning pegs. Instead of the pegs colored into his skin, he has Meal studs pierced into his skin where each of the six pegs should be.

Class: Seraph

His Powers as a Seraph Lies In His Voice. When He Was an Angel, His Singing could Bring Hope and Strength to whomever Heard it, the sound Helping those he used it on able to See the good in the world and helped Inspire them to Lead peaceful, Mostly Sin-free Lives.
As a Demon, Now, His Voice Causes the Exact Opposite Effects. Incurring Feelings Of Rage as well as Envy in others, Causing Humans to Make Bad Life Choices During Desperate times, Or Even Causing their emotions to Spiral out of control.
If needing to Defend himself, He Can Make His Voice Dense. With a Loud, Shocking Scream Our shout, He Can Cause Sonic Waves with it, that can Damage both the body and the Mind. Shatter the eardrums and Cause Temporary Deafness.


Loud. Obnoxious. Crass. Insensitive.
All would be good words to Describe the Silver-Haired Fallen Angel. Having very little Volume Control, the Man Speaks in a way that demands attention from anyone within Earshot. Has a Bad Habit of talking over people, simply because what he has to say really is more important than that of anyone else at any given time. His Mother tongue is German, Which adds to the Man's Generally loud-and-broad way of speaking. He Only Speaks German when Incredibly Angry, Embarrassed, Upset or when aroused. As he Has a bit of a one-track mind, his brain cannot focus enough on one language when he is feeling too much of one emotion, causing him to revert back to whatever is easiest to speak.
Most people would either call it stupidity or Blatant ignorance, but Gilbert isn't Exactly the smartest man in the world. Loudly barking out his opinion on certain topics, most of which are incredibly Ill-informed or just plain rude. Not much caring how others react to such, and even going as far as to tell them to fuck off when he offends someone. This was a habit he had even back in his angelic days. It is probably one of the reasons why He Doesn't have many friends to date, or the beings he has acquainted himself with usually completely despise him. Save For His Brother, whom he has not seen in years.
Despite having been an Angel, the Silver-haired German has a Sharp tongue. Far more fitting to his Demon Rank, the man does not know the meaning of tact. Cursing and spouting profanities very often in every sentence that tumbles from his mouth, he doesn't much flinch when his words or statements offend. 'Fuck' is a word he uses as a Noun, a Verb, Adjective and Adverb. He Has an Awful Habit of shortening the names of the people he speaks with, full-names being a hassle and far too annoying to remember or pronounce. [[Eg, If he were to speak to Himself, he'd Call himself Gil. Arthur would Be Arts, Roderich Rods, and So On.]] His way of Speaking Is Incredibly Slang-y, Shortening words or not pronouncing them fully just to get his point across. When speaking German, however, his way of speaking is Exact opposite. Pronouncing everything in a near-perfect syntax and with a slightly stiff air. He Prefers Speaking in English, However, as it is a more widely-known language.
His personality isn't all Bad. Despite his Bastard-By-Nature Tendencies, the German Man Does have the ability to be Sickeningly sweet at times, being usually when he's drunk or put into a situation where he feels weak. He has an extreme weakness for small animals and stuffed Critters, As well as Sugary foods and Light beer. He Loves a Good Game, He's a Bit of a Joker, and He's a Bit Emotionally Retarded. When put in a situation where he needs to show something other than Irritation, Anger, Lewdness or complete Disregard for others, he gets easily flustered, embarrassed, and trips up on his words. He's Not used to Physical situations, Something as Simple as a Hug confusing the man to a state of 'What Do I Do Here', And the Idea of Sex, though he Is Not a Virgin, Also Flusters him unless he's Already in a situation involving it.
When Reminded of his Fall, He Does have the Habit of Becoming Incredibly mopey and Self-Loathing, Being a bit of a Drama-Queen. Feeling sorry for himself and Blaming others for his mistakes. A Rather Lazy Demon who Really Would rather to the Bare minimum in his Job and Spend the rest of his time Lazing about or doing his own thing.

Gilbert was not born a Demon. He Was Born an angel, and thanks to Circumstances Mostly out of his control, He Slowly spiraled Downwards until he was Kicked out of Heaven, and Has not been heard of again.
Once An Angel who Sat at the Side of the World's Most Godlike Being, a Voice Very Much that of an Angel. Singing his Praises and Enjoying His Life as An Angel. Even As One of God's Right hand Men, Gilbert always had a Bit of An Ego. Thinking more about himself than others, Not paying a whole lot of attention to anyone's needs, save for His Boss, His Brother, and Himself.

His Fall was Caused, Ironically, By the Man Starting to Do his job a bit more Properly. Visiting Earth a little More Regularly to Deal in the Affairs of Humans. Helping them see the Right way of Life and Away From Sin Like He was supposed to. While Doing this, He Met another Human Who, After a few visits, He Found Himself Falling In Love With. For an Angel to Fall for a Creature outside their Own race, like a Human was bad Enough, But It turned out the person he Fell For was Actually a Demon In Disguise.
A Strong Angel Gilbert Was, A Smart Angel Gilbert Was not. He Did not Realize the Woman in Question was a Demon, and After Spending a Few Months At Her Side, He Didn't Realize she Was Slowly taking away His Powers as An Angel. Using His Heavenly Influence to Trick people, and Causing More People to Become Corrupt. In A Way, He Had Actually Caused More Damage to the Human Realm than Good. He Didn't Realize it until it was Too Late, His Angelic Singing Voice Started to Fade, and One Day He Woke Up to the Feeling of Being cut Off From heaven completely.

He Felt that this Was out of His control, As Well As Unfair. He did Not know what he was doing was Wrong, And Because He Was given no Warning before His Actions Were Punished, He Feels betrayed By the heavens. Angels and God Are Supposed to Be Just and Loving Beings, and To Deliver Capital Punishment to A High-Ranking being like himself with no Warning was almost an Insult. He Left the Woman Who had Caused this to happen, and He Gave in and Joined the Ranks of the Demonkind. His Once Beautiful Voice Turned Rough and Gravelly, But His Ability to sing Did Not fade.

Present-Day, Gilbert is just about as Motivated as a Demon as He Is an Angel. He Feels a Grudging hatred towards Heaven, but he doesn't exactly feel Right as a Demon Either. He Works as a Singer for An Underground Metal Band, his Voice Only Suited for this Genre of music now. His Voice Causing both doubt in the Hearts of those Who Hear it, as well as the Lyrics he sings pushing little Ideas into the minds of humans, Causing them to turn towards more sinful actions in their lives.
He Regrets a few things in His life, the Most Important being Leaving his Little Brother Behind. Having not contacted the man Since He Fell; not knowing whether or not it is best keeping himself separate from the Man he used to spend almost every day of his life beside. Likely believing the other would not approve of what has become of him.
RP Sample:
The Air Shimmered with some sort of Energy. Lights, Almost Blinding overhead shone down on the stage. It was no-where near silent in the room. Red-devil's Eyes scanned the crowd, the people gathered in tight groups on the Floor In front of the stage where the man stood. Silver Hair sitting on His Head in a very messy style, one the man had likely pained over in a mirror for hours before this. On one side of him, stood a Heavily tattooed Man with Many Piercings. wearing heavy, torn jeans, tattoos poking out from just about every inch of visible skin on him. his hair spiked up in a very distinct style, four fang-like hoops sticking out of his bottom lip. There was a Man On a Drum Set behind Him, his face mostly Hidden By a Hooded sweater, Arms torn off, long, greasy-looking bangs over his eyes.
The Silver-Haired Man Curved Leather-Clad Fingers Over a Microphone In Front of Him, Perfectly straight, white teeth Peeking out of near-Paper white lips as he drew them up into a cheeky Grin. The Calls and Screams of the Crowd Almost Deafening him as his eyes rolled for a moment. He Loved the energy. He Loved the sounds. He didn't ever mean to fall this far, but maybe it wasn't so bad. Not if he got to feel this good for a short period of time every night.
There was a Tingle in his throat. Energy Building up there as the Man Next to Him started dancing his fingers along the chords of his Guitar, a Low, growling Pulse Starting out from the far-too-large Speakers and Amps Strategically Placed about the Room. The Voices Got louder, and the Man Could feel the Hairs on the Back of His neck Stand On end. Nails Inside his gloves digging into the Thick Material As He pulled it closer, fingers dancing over the Neck of It as His Eyes Finally looked up, a Grin Over his Self-Assured Face.
A Loud Scream Ripped Past His Lips, The Man Behind Him Started Attacking his own Instrument in Beat with the Man's Voice. Noise. Metal Music was Just that, a Tangled Mess of Sounds. And It Hiked Up Something wild In Gilbert Beilschmidt.
He Didn't understand why Humans liked this... Mess so Much when He first started doing this thing. And then He Learned why. it was Wild. It made them feel free.
His Voice Vibrated out from the Speakers, Amplified From the Ball-Microphone in Front of him. Unknown by the Humans, And Even The Men playing alongside him, there was a Darkness Locked inside his voice. Bursting out from the Speakers, it would seep into the minds of all present. Chaos Shimmered in the Air Again. Making Gilbert's Hair Stand on end.
In Front of him, the Crowd Broke out into a Wild Frenzy of Thrashing motions. Slam-Dancing, He learned, was Dangerous, as well as Exhilarating. His Eyes Flashed With a Dangerous Light.

Humans Certainly Were Interesting.

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Name: Shiro
Age: 23
Time Zone (GMT +/-): - GMT 3:30
Contact Information:
Sype: thehollowwithin
TextIt: <709-763-1100

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