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Roisin [Ireland] Sc0043ffa2-1
If you would mourn me and bring me to God,
Sing me a requiem.
Sing me to Heaven.


Name: Roisin or Rosy (She has not come up with a last name.)
Nation: Ireland
Physical Age: Early Twenties
Appearance: Roisin appears to be a small woman, standing only 5' 2" tall. Her build is slender but her curves are generous. Her hair is fiery red, looking like flame in the light. Her skin is flawless and artfully dusted with freckles. Her warm eyes are a brilliant shade of green, like the first leaves of spring. Three magnificent sets of wings extend from her back. Nearly all of their feathers are white and soft, accented with iridescent covert feathers that catch the light. The upper wings are the smallest and sometimes cover her face. The middle wings are the biggest and provide mostly for flight. The lower wings are between the two size-wise and are sometimes used to cover her body. Her robes are also white, and made out of a very light fabric. They are wrapped with an iridescent sash, affixed by two gold coins. Other than that, she wears no jewelry.

She's not very good with her human form and can't hide the otherworldly feeling she exudes. She is almost always dressed simply in white and does not often wear shoes. Her face is free of make-up, but still appears flawless. She gives off a sense of simple elegance.


Class: Seraphim
Virtues: Her powers are rooted in music. She has a small harp that soothes restless souls and relieves pain when played, but her true power comes from her voice.

On it's own, her voice can carry for miles and subtly influence emotions. She has the ability to sing in more than one voice at a time. When using two voices, the relation of the notes determines the effect. When her voices are in harmony, they induce a great sense of joy, dispell illusions, and can even give a glimpse of the glory of heaven. When they are in discord, they stun, create feverish hallucinations, and haunt the mind.

She's only ever used three voices once before, during the Battle of Heaven, to rend open the Earth so that the fallen could be cast out.


Personality: The biggest factor in Roisin's personality is hope. She cherishes it and believes that as long as she has hope she can endure anything. She tries conducts herself with grace and patience at all times, but sometimes even her patience runs thin. Her faith is absolute, so when she feels in need, she turns to it. When she needs a reminder of it, she sings the chorus of the Trisagion Song, Holy, holy, holy. She values honesty and does not lie. Ever. She will keep her word. She have a soft spot for those who are weaker than her and is happy to take them under her wing... literally in most cases! This is mostly because she always thinks of others first and is happy to sacrifice herself for their good. She doesn't even know how to think of herself first. She can forgive any slight against her. She is completely selfless. It's thought that if she ever did learn to be selfish, it would be her downfall.

Despite her gentle nature, Rosy is not always the happiest angel in Heaven. She has a lingering sorrow born from the loss of her brother. It causes her to put even more into everything she does, trying to fill the whole. At times it leaves her very torn. She has not let it break her yet, and with luck it never will.

When trying to pass for a human, Rosy has a few... difficulties. She admittedly does not have much experience with humans and is not used to their customs. In truth, she doesn't have much experience in most things. She has never had a lover. She comes off as a bit naive yet unnaturally wise. It can be a disquieting combination. She also has no concept of shame about her body, because it is a human invention. So she has no concept of personal space. She will get close if she can and delights in physical contact. Because she is so unused to her human form, she sometimes slips up, letting her wings show or her heavenly glow.

History: Since the time of her creation, Roisin has been a part of the Celestial Choir. Much of her time was spent near the throne, singing the praises of the Lord and basking in His glory. It was paradise for her.

But then the betrayal came. She, of course fought on the side of the Lord. Her songs rang out over the battle field, rallying the troops and carrying the messages from God to the faithful. She stayed mostly above the fighting to direct, until the Lord ordered her to use three voices. The song she sang was like nothing ever heard before or since, and tore open the Earth so the traitors could be thrown out. The echoes of her earth-shattering song would eventually become the inspiration for music such as O Fortuna, Escape, Mozart's Lacrimosa, and Verdi Dies Irae.

But the true earth-shattering moment for Roisin came when her beloved brother fell. Watching him leave Heaven was the first moment she ever truly understood sorrow. She daily prays that he will find his way back to grace.

During the battle she rescued a young angel, Erik, from the clutches of demons. Throughout the rest of the battle she kept him close and protected him, it helped keep her from going over the edge herself. When the battle was finally over, she took him in. She has been caring for him as a son ever since.

In the time since the battle, Roisin has had very little contact with the Earth. Most of her time is spent singing at the thrown, so she has had very little reason to go Earth-side. The few exceptions have been to sing to the shepherds with the rest of the heavenly host, and to keep an eye on the man who would be Saint Columba. She was delighted by the Irish missionary and lent him the ability to sing two notes at once to aid him in converting the people Iona.

Only recently, has she been sent to Earth to aid the situation in the town of Eden. She is admittedly not very good at fighting demonic forces without huge shows of power, but she is more than willing to learn.

Her sincerest wish is that she will be able to find a way to redeem the fallen so she can be reunited with her brother. She hopes that she can find the answer here on Earth.

RP Sample:

Holy, holy, holy.

Her home, her perfection, it seemed... hollow. Incomplete. She had no illusions about what was missing. Her brother. Dear Arthur. Gone from her home. Gone from Heaven. Out of grace.

It seemed at the same time too real and too unbelievable.

The echoes of her own song were still reverberating through the empty battlefield. Over the Earth, through both Heaven and Hell. Still ringing in her ears. She never wanted to hear it again. She wished she didn't know it. But she did. And she new that she would never forget that sound. Not even when time was ended.

Holy, holy, holy.

How could she handle this? This... this pain. So much deeper than any physical blow could reach. A strong and abiding sadness that seeped throughout her form. Her lower wings tucked themselves tighter around her body, in defense of what they could not shield her from.

She moved into her house by sense alone. Her vision was blocked by her upper wings. They had been covering her face ever since the battle had ended. She didn't feel that she could face anything else at the moment.

The soft sound of rustling wings nearly startled her. She'd been so lost in her head that she had almost forgotten the little angel she'd taken in to her home. He should be resting. He was so badly wounded during the battle.

She moved silently to where he was lying. Her hand gently brushed the hair away from his forehead, barely ghosting over the lines of pain. Without a word she took up her harp and began to play a simple melody. It was one of the first lullabies that had ever been written.

Quietly, she began to sing along to it.

Holy, holy, holy.

Eventually, the song would fade to the background. Eventually, she would be able to hear the lullaby. Eventually...

Hosanna in the highest.

:ooc information:

Name: Call me Rosy
Age: 21
Time Zone (GMT +/-):
Contact Information: PMing is the easiest way to contact me, but my IM is strikeachord17

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I loved this, especially the Roleplay sample! It sent shivers down my spine~ Glad to have you on board Rosy <3


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