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Abigail || Prussia ♀ 2hhnm1s
Just gonna stand there
And watch me burn
But that's alright
Because I like
The way it hurts


Name: Abigail (Baasch; whenever she needs a surname.)
Nation: Königreich Preußen (Kingdom of Prussia)
Physical Age: 22

    Abigail would have looked like a normal person if it wasn't for the double pair of thin, bony looking horns that peeked out from beneath white locks right above her ears; or the wispy, fluff tipped tail that seemed to have a mind of its own. Also protruding from her back was a pair of bat-like wings. She also has a small scar on her right cheek, obtained during the war.

    This fallen angel still seems to wear her color coded clothes from when she was an angel, and despite not having the same colors as a demon, she refuses to switch to wearing anything else when not in her human guise. Speaking of her human guise, she still stands out a bit, thanks to her albino genes. Her red eyes never did soothe anything, not like she cared. Her clothing while in the human world seem to be modern-ish, bright colors mixed with textures such as polka dots and stripes. Abigail also always wears her black zipper jacket. It was really just like a security blanket or something, it'd be best to not ask.


Class: Demon
Vices: Pride & Greed
Former Virtues: Diligence, Patience & Charity



    If Abigail could be summoned up in one word, it would be rebellious.. and awesome. Okay, two words. She acts the same she did even before the war, but now she was a little more rough around the edges and snippy.

    She's brash, intelligent, quick tempered, and an all around bitch if the time really calls for it. Abby will do whatever it takes to be strong, even if that means giving up friends (but there's really no way she could give up two of them, and they know who they are). Even though she'll tell everyone she likes to be alone, that's very untrue; it's actually one of her greatest fears. One of the only things she regrets in her life is standing against her best friend, Isabela.

    This tough exterior is just a mask to cover up a side of her that she'd rather keep a secret. There's only one person who knows her weakness for cute things, and often buys stuff whenever she ventures to the human world.

    It's also noticed that Abigail has a short attention span when it comes to tasks that she doesn't enjoy. She hates reading and if anyone asks her to read something, she'll most likely chuck it across the room. Sometimes she has a hard to sleeping, so she often has to count in order to.


    Before the war, Abigail was a diligent Archangel. She felt as though if she did her job right, then she'd get appraisal from God. But such a thing never happened, it only came from the other angels. She didn't let such a matter get to her, her work continued. It wasn't like she didn't have anyone to preen herself with, no, she had two good friends, Isabela and Francis. They watched out for her and she did the same thing for them, it seemed like it was a tight-knit bond.

    But what they didn't know is that behind her mask, she was crumbling. She wasn't feeling that feeling of liveliness anymore, it was like it was slowly being sucked from her body, but no matter what, she continued on with a smile on her face.

    When she caught wind of another great angel, Lucifer, planning a rebellion against the Almighty God, Abigail was torn greatly. Part of her wanted to remain in Heaven and continue on with her life as an Angel, but the other part of her was giving into those whims of despair. It was truly a decision that was going to change her life forever. Maybe Lucifer would appraise her for doing a good job.


    That's when it started. Friends and family were pitted against each other. It was truly a sight that she often can't forget when she sleeps. It wasn't any different with her friends. Out of the three of them, Isabela remained an Angel, while her and Francis fell with most of the others. But she knew that the cheerful Spaniard wouldn't even think about following suit. No, Abigail would never let her. Never will she put the thought in her head.

RP Sample:

    There was a short period of time when Abigail seemed to have blacked out, but when she came to, she wished that she hadn't. Of course she was a demon, but this.. this was too much. Why?

    It was night time, but still easy enough to see the blood bathed ground beneath her and whatever she was holding in her bloody hands. The sight almost made her want to gag and puke, but she held it down, trembling lips forming a line across her face as red eyes hardened. Normally she would go after adult humans every now and then, as to not bring attention to anything suspicious, but in her hands was the body of a child. A girl that looked to be the age of six or so. Soft brown hair was matted with dry blood, porcelain skin caked with her own blood and mud from the ground.

    Her tail swatted around in irritation behind her, wings giving a shudder and folding flat against her back. That's when she realized the vicious looking bite on the girl's shoulder, a hand flying up to her mouth. Her tongue even dipping out to lap the liquid up. The metal taste was bitter on her tongue. It made her stomach turn even more. Was she that hungry? Was the human food not enough for her anymore?

    But her mind flew to something else.


    What if the angel found out about this? Abigail didn't want to lose her best friend, not because of something like that.

    So she'll keep it to herself.

    A secret.

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(Lol, the way you changed the font for all the headings looks really weird to my eyes, though, since I'm a Classical Studies major. I keep staring at the words like, "WHAT DOES THAT SAY...? OH... THE ETA IS AN 'N' THERE...")

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