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Name: Zhou (Wang in his human form)
Nation: Kowloon
Physical Age: 16
Appearance: (At least one paragraph)

At least in physical features, Zhou looks exactly like Jin. In fact, the two of them could be identical twins. They both have the same height, same black hair, same facial features (though Zhou's eyes are gold), etc. However, Zhou has a difficult time keeping his hair neat, and tends to just hide his hair under a hat, instead. His actual clothes tend to be rather messy. Apparently, he has never heard of an iron before. He always wears green shirts with long, long sleeves. He's always wearing a smile, but it's a disturbing smile, and it obviously has something dark behind it. On his back, he has a bunch of scars. Although he can heal rather quickly, he whips himself often enough that the scars are usually on his back.


Class: Angel
Virtues: Kindness and Chastity


Personality: (At least 2 Paragraphs)

When one meets Zhou, the first word they think of when they see him is disturbing. He's a complete mystery, everything from the smile on his lips to the way he harasses the demons, especially with his chastity belt. It's something about his aura, something about him that makes him seem... off. Unstable. Perhaps even a dormant volcano of violence. What most people don't understand is that most of his instability is self-directed. He seems on the surface to be somewhat of a sadist, especially when harassing demons, but in reality, he's more of a masochist. His flagellation originally started as a form of self-punishment like the ascetics, but as he continued, he began to find that he enjoyed it.

He is actually quite painfully shy. He hates having to be around other people, not because he hates other people, but because he just can't get over his blasted shyness. Every time he opens his mouth to speak, he wants to hide. The only time he doesn't feel shy is when he's harassing demons, partially because he can just chalk it up to his job. In fact, anything relating to his job makes his shyness go away, at least temporarily. He feels especially for the outcasts of the world, and goes out of his way to be kind to them. Other than that, however, he tends to keep to himself.

History: (At least 2 Paragraphs)

Before the Battle of Heaven, Zhou hadn't really done much to distinguish himself. He was oftentimes working in the background, away from the limelight, doing his acts of kindness in secret (he was not yet an angel of chastity). Unfortunately, this tendency hurt him in the end, as once the fall occurred, a more visible angel who looked exactly like Zhou had been expelled from Heaven. Zhou was now a target of a lot of attacks by other angels, who thought that Zhou was a spy for the other team. In fact, about two thirds of the angels couldn't figure out that Zhou was one of them, while the remaining one third knew that Zhou was a fellow angel, but wasn't sure what to do about him, since he was always out of the way and secretive.

Of course, it wasn't that Zhou was actually secretive. He was just very bad at making himself known, and was rather shy on top of that. Because he couldn't make himself stand out more, he often found himself coming home with a busted lip or a black eye or even a sprained ankle. He always healed quickly, thanks to being in Heaven, but he understood good and well what message the other angels were conveying to him: he wasn't wanted there. He didn't let this keep him down, however. Because there was no crying in Heaven, he always wore a smile on his face. He even carried this tendency for whenever he lived on earth.

While on Earth, he tended to care for the poor, the needy, and the outcasts. He knew that his woes in Heaven were to prepare him for this job, so that he could understand and empathize with the pariahs. One day, in 1349, during the outbreak of the Black Plague, Zhou was passing out bread to the poor and the sick just as he did every day. It always warmed his heart to watch as they took the bread and ate, thankful for his gift. Suddenly, a messenger arrived to him, saying that the Lady Margaret, who lived in the nearby castle, requested to see him. Naturally, Zhou went to talk with the Lady.

Once there, she explained to him how she had seen him giving food to the poor every day, and admired him for his work. She wished to give him a banquet in his honor. This shocked Zhou, who had never been treated well, and at first, he tried to refuse, but then he realized that perhaps God would bless this woman for her kindness. He accepted her request for a banquet. While the servants were washing him off, they noticed that not a single trace of dirt had been found on his body, and told her so. Of course, having not a single bit of dirt on oneself in 1349 was quite unusual, and at the banquet itself, asked Zhou if he was divine. Zhou smiled genuinely, and told her that yes, he was in fact divine. From then on, he stayed with her, and not only fed the poor, but helped her and her husband rule fairly. This was a very comfortable arrangement for quite some time.

However, the next year, something unusual began to happen. The Lady Margaret began to fall in love with Zhou. Of course, Zhou was completely oblivious to this until one night, when the Lady Margaret took him aside to a private room and began to kiss him passionately. Zhou was surprised, and tried to get out of it, but not before the actual kiss was shared. The next day, Zhou woke up to screaming. A page entered his room and explained that the Lady Margaret's husband had died of the plague. His death was sudden and unexpected. He ran out to see the Lady to comfort her, but when he did, she screamed at him and blamed him for her husband's death, calling him an “Angel of Death.” No matter how hard he worked to convince her that he hadn't had anything to do with her husband's death, she refused to listen to her. Out of exhaustion, he decided to let her go off in private to cool off.

About an hour later, he began to hear more screaming. Once again, a page told him what was going on, explaining to him how the Lady Margaret had hung herself. Zhou was completely grief-stricken, and left the palace, no longer welcome. He knew he couldn't go back to Heaven; there was no crying in Heaven. So he stayed on Earth for many years, and he became a flagellant, trying to repent for whatever he had done that had turned him into an Angel of Death. He also became an Angel of Chastity, thinking that perhaps the kiss must have had something to do with it.

When he finally returned back to Heaven, he couldn't stop smiling. It was as if a smile were superglued to his face. He had been rather smile-y before, but this was even creepier. The other angels couldn't put their fingers on it, but they knew that something had changed in him. He seemed unstable, possibly even dangerous.

RP Sample: (At least 150 Words)

Zhou brought a picnic basket and some flowers that he himself had arranged to the side of an abandoned road. Nobody really knew about this path; Zhou had made certain of it. He was already upset with humans for building a road right on Margaret's grave, so he would be certain to keep them away from it so that he could at least keep the area private. Really, a road on a grave! How insensitive!

He placed the basket down just beside the grave, and placed the flowers themselves on top of the grave. He himself sat beside it, next to the basket. “Hello, m'Lady,” he said in a soft voice. “I've brought you flowers again. The kind that you liked, remember? You grew them outside in your garden.” He arranged the flowers in the middle of the road, noting that the other flowers had gone missing. He supposed that some animal must have eaten them. “How are you doing, m'Lady? I hope you're doing well. You know, I still haven't gotten the guts to look up where you actually are. I know, I keep promising you that I will, but every time I try to do it, I get scared and run out. I... I don't want to think that you've wound up in... you know.” He shuddered, unable to even say the word Hell. “You know, we have computers that we use to keep track of everybody. Not like you know what a computer is. It was only a few years ago that an angel was allowed to tell humans how to make one, and even so, humans were so clumsy at it. They used to have computers as big as rooms, can you believe that? Humans have gotten better, but their computers are still nothing like ours.”

He stretched himself, feeling his legs begin to tingle from sitting in that position. “I brought lunch. There's no food nowadays that's anything like what you would have eaten, and I suppose you can't eat any. Sorry.” Nevertheless, he placed a peanut butter sandwich down onto the grave, figuring that some of the nearby animals could have a more appropriate lunch than roses. He himself chewed on his own sandwich, wondering how he would get the nerve to see where Lady Margaret had wound up. She had been a devout Christian, but the kiss and the suicide made him wonder if she hadn't wound up... down there. Even if she were in Heaven, she probably wouldn't want to see him. She probably still thought of him as an Angel of Death.

Once he finished with lunch, he stood up and stretched his limbs and wings. “Goodbye, m'Lady,” he said. “It's been a pleasure eating with you.” He picked up the basket and walked away, hoping that he wouldn't run into any demons that he had to torture for the rest of the day.

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