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Name: Erika Vogel
Nation: Liechtenstein
Age: 16
Birthday: July 12th
Appearance: Falling right below Erika's chin is a blonde bob, complete with a blue bow on the right side of her head to affirm her femininity. Eyes an aqua greenish blue and chest flat as a board, Erika is often mistaken for a boy. She has a small stature and is usually seen in her school uniform or a frilly pink dress. When at work, she is seen in her dress along with an apron. Since she is a teenage girl, she often experiments with makeup, but only wears mascara out in public. Her fair toned face often has a natural blush, which deepens in hue when embarrassed or frightened.


Occupation: Student with a part time job at a bakery


Personality: Erika can often be considered an extremely elaborate individual, bursting at the seams with maturity and modesty. She is often taken as someone much older than she actually is. Often times, she plays along and pretends she is much older. However, Erika very rarely starts a conversation, so one must talk to her first if they want to become friendly with her. She does not want to come off as a snob, but her shyness has a tendency of taking over. Once she becomes friends with someone, Erika will act like their younger sister. Occasionally, she will annoy her friends like a younger sister, but she always has good intentions.

However, this does not take away from her the ability to openly express her thoughts and feelings. Erika is very verbal when it comes to her opinion about certain things. Often times, she does not usually realize when she says her thoughts aloud.

History: Erika was born into a poor family who lived on a small farm in the outskirts of Eden. Life was simple for a young Erika. Her only knowledge of the world stretched to the picket fence surrounding the farm. The little girl would spend her days romping around with cattle surrounding her. Occasionally she'd venture to the fence and gaze dreamily at the scenery.

However, Erika's life took a turn for the worse when her caring mother caught a terrible case of pneumonia; the girl was nine at the time. While her mother laid in bed, Erika took over all the chores her mother had. Since the Vogel family was quite poor, no medication could be purchased for Mrs. Vogel, for the money went towards the bills and food. It destroyed Erika's father to watch his wife to slowly fall apart with each passing day. Erika was old enough to understand that her mother was going to die, but still held the immature idea of it being her own fault.

Eventually, Mrs. Vogel passed away, leaving her husband and daughter. Her father had not noticed his daughter's illnesses, for he was drinking alcohol every night, trying to numb the pain of losing his wife. Often times, he'd verbally and occasionally physically abuse Erika when he was wasted. The abuse eradicated Erika's hope for a better life and left her in tears every night and everyday. She'd take the abuse without question, as well as do her daily chores, which seemed endless.

A thirteen year old Erika walked the streets of Eden one night to buy some bread. With every footstep, she could feel her lungs close up each time she hacked away. Her head was pounding and she could feel the sweat drip down her forehead. Her heart began to race as she remembered her mother's coughing sounded exactly like her own. What was the odd part, was that the girl felt fine earlier that day. How could some disease take over her body in a couple of hours? Realizing she needed to get home, Erika turned down a dark alley to use as a shortcut. Erika could no longer feel her body and dragged her legs like a zombie. The darkness enveloped her as she hit the ground. All she saw was black and all she heard was her heart slowly decreasing its beats. Erika was well aware that she would breath her last breath.
To this day, Erika isn't actually sure what exactly happened, but she remembers a figure reaching out to her. She did not recognize the being's soft hand or essence coming of them, however, she had the feeling that this person was friendly. When the tangerine lights peered over the buildings, Erika awakened with the strength of a thousand men as well as a new hope for a better life. Erika scurried home to find her father passed out on the floor. She packed her things and returned to Eden.

Of course, it was not easy for the girl to find a home and a job; life isn't a fairy tail. Erika had managed to get a part time job at a bakery. She had also worked out a deal with the owner to live in the unused attic. Erika had also started attending school in Eden. However, the question of who saved her that dreadful night had etched itself in the back of her mind. Erika has the desire to know who had saved her so she could thank them and perhaps do something in return.

RP Sample: (At least 150 Words)

Erika ran down the street, with several books she was juggling along the way. The brisk air filled her nose as she took in the early morning air. Erika wasn't one to be late for school, but the days seemed to blend together causing her to forgot it was Monday.

"Great. A wonderful way to start my week", she mumbled as she fidgeted with her books. Honestly, the girl just wanted to sit down for five minutes. Her eyes began to slowly close due to her extreme exhaustion. Erika had been up all night putting rolls in the oven for the following day. Along with a cat nap, Erika craved a nice back massage. Night shifts could do quite a number on one's back and legs, which Erika learned the first night she worked.

She passed the library, which was conveniently right next to the school for those cram sessions. Erika's pace began to slow down as her school came into sight. She sighed, "Almost there". Erika would sit in that hell hole for six hours and then go home to the bakery to work until her boss says so. She sighed yet again, figuring she was much better off on her own. The only thing that bothered her the most was the endless hours alone. Oh, how she hated feeling the emptiness of her attic and only the moonlight peering in from the tiny window accompanying her. Well, at least the moon never left her and always returned each night.

:ooc information:

Name: Amara, but you can call me Erika if you wish to do so.
Age: 17
Time Zone (GMT +/-): Eastern Standard
Contact Information:

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