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The Kingdom of Sweden / Berwald Oxtensierna { Human } Empty The Kingdom of Sweden / Berwald Oxtensierna { Human }

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The Kingdom of Sweden / Berwald Oxtensierna { Human } Mc7qx5


Name: Berwald Oxtensierna
Nation: The Kingdom of Sweden
Age: 27
Birthday: June 6
Berwald is rather intimidating, standing at just over 6 feet; his shoulders are broad and his hands are large. His hair is light blond, the color of cornsilk. It’s usually cut short, and sometimes appears extraordinarily messy. He has green-blue-grey eyes that seem perpetually narrowed behind wire-rim glasses, and he always appears to be scowling. He’s rarely seen out-of-uniform, but when he isn’t in his work clothes, he’s in loose jeans and a ratty t-shirt. His accent is very pronounced, explaining his truncated English.


Occupation: Police officer; woodworker in his spare time.



Berwald is not an overly complicated man. He will not scold you if you misuse his language, will not care if you insult him, will not hit on you in predictable intervals, and will not scoff should you attempt to pick a fight with him. This is not because he’s a quiet, reserved man. No, this is because he simply does not care what you are doing so long as it does not involve him or his friends. In fact, aside from his rather dim outlook on life in general and a particularly sadistic love of his job, Berwald is quite normal. He prefers quiet, orderly situations (though that doesn’t often happen, in his line of work), and he likes to spend time woodworking or reading.

He has a rather nasty mean streak when provoked, though. He’s good at fighting, and he won’t hesitate to hurt someone if they get in his way. If angered, he stays that way for a long, long time; he’s been known to break tables when enraged.

Berwald enjoys his beer. He enjoys any form of alcohol, truthfully, and is a rather messy drunk.

He likes to sing, if terribly off-key.


Berwald was born (and grew up) in Stockholm, Sweden. His family was old money, and he attended a private school until he turned sixteen. He dated some girls, but eventually came to realize that he preferred those of his own gender. He was promptly disowned after explaining the revelation to his straight-laced father.

Afterwards, he moved to America to study at the university in New York. Once there, he learned English and studied both law and woodworking. He also came to love American coffee, and took great pleasure in spending the time he had after class in the library.
After graduating, he found himself both jobless and homeless; he moved to Eden to take the job of local policeman.

He’s lived there since, and has become both proficient with his job and extraordinarily bored with it. He likes to woodwork in his free time, but doesn’t have as much opportunity as he’d really like. Eden is incredibly quiet, though, so he doesn't usually have much to do on the job during the day.

RP Sample:

He hated his job.

It was violent, dangerous, and he worked some of the cruelest hours he’d heard of. The pay was shit, the benefits were pathetic at best, and he only got to hit people occasionally. He should have just stuck with woodworking; it was easy and calming. It was fun. He got to make things for his house and sell what he didn’t need. And he got to stay at home, and he didn’t have to deal with idiots like the one he was currently tackling to the ground.

“Y’ have th’ righ’ t’ remain silent.” He growled as the man rolled, trying his best to escape. A well-aimed kick to the man’s inner thigh, however, stopped him. “Anything y’ say can an’ will b’ used against y’ in a court o’ law.”

It was a good thing that the police core had drilled the Rights into him, because he was having a hard enough time subduing his prey. He couldn’t forget the damned thing if he tried. “Y’ have th’ righ’ t’ an attorney. If y’ can’t afford one, one’ll b’ appointed for y’.”

The asshole bit him.

He bit him.

He whipped out his nightstick, jerking it so it extended to its full length. Black metal gleamed dully in the sunlight, and he brought it down mercilessly on the criminal’s shoulder. There was an earsplitting scream, followed by the creak of abused bones. “Don’ make m’ do it again.” He growled, and the man stopped struggling.

“Thought so.”

Berwald really, really loved his job sometimes.

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The Kingdom of Sweden / Berwald Oxtensierna { Human } Empty Re: The Kingdom of Sweden / Berwald Oxtensierna { Human }

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