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Post  meadowlark on Sat May 14, 2011 2:20 pm

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No image currently, mostly because I’m lucky if my stick figures don’t end up looking distorted.
Corinth Foulkes // Wales LINK


Name: Corinth Foulkes
Birthday: October 29th
Appearance: Corinth stands at about 5’9” and is barely within the realm of healthily thin. This is for a couple of reasons, one being the amount of food he tends to buy on a given day or week, artistry only brings in so much revenue. The other cause is the tendency he has to forget to eat while working. He has brown (nearly black) hair that is already beginning to grey. His dark grey eyes pick up details, little tics that make people who they are, giving him and edge on capturing a person’s essence in his art.

Cor tends to wear comfortable clothes—reserving suits for things like church (read: Easter and Christmas Mass). His normal outfit is a pair of dark wash jeans with a button up dress shirt. The dress shirt is often striped and always worn with the top couple of buttons open to give a glimpse of an undershirt in a complimentary color. He’ll occasionally wear a hooded sweatshirt over the dress shirt for warmth, but doesn’t usually bother. His appearance isn’t scattered, but it comes close. It’s certainly not given to absolute precision. If he does press the shirt he’s wearing it will usually end up with a crease in the wrong place anyhow.


Occupation: Portrait artist, though he branches out simply because portraits aren’t requested as much.


Personality: Corinth is a quiet man with several distinctive quirks. He has a temper that shows itself at some of the most inopportune times. It usually takes a long walk and a cup or two of tea for him to calm down if he’s had an especially bad outburst. On the other hand, tea in general is his preferred way to unwind from a day. Given his choice he’d buy the best tea on the market, but on an artist’s salary usually ends up with Stash or something similar.

On an average day Cori uses Jazz music, long walks, and tea to balance himself after having dealt with people who didn’t like the way he’d drawn their noses (or some other such idiotic thing). He keeps his mouth shut around paying customers, after all they are paying customers, but has no trouble ranting about them in private—often to his black cat, Sermonia. He is the sort of person who will grow more taciturn the more irritated he is, but when asked what is wrong will almost invariably reply “Nothing, I’m fine.” He doesn’t believe in straight answers. Straight answers give others the truth of the matter, and the truth is a weapon he’s not willing to grant anyone. He also very much “Does not panic.” By this we mean he panics badly, but denies it. When he does admit to panicking it is to a level that cannot possibly be mistaken for anything else.

Cori hides behind silence and sarcasm, preferring them to dealing with his emotions on many days. He is extrememly protective of anything he deems his—be that his belongings, his home, his cat, or his significant other (which he is lacking at the moment). He’s rather quick to give his affections, having been told numerous times in the past that he gets in too deep too fast. He’s not really picky, but the one thing he is seeking is someone who will be there for him. Loyalty in others is a big concern for him because of different things that have happened in the past (failed relationships, his mother, etc.) He can be very stubborn once he sets his mind to something, seeing it through to its sometimes illogical conclusions.

On a smaller note, Cor has a taste for the finer things in life, but usually has to resort to knock-offs due to his salary. The only exception he makes to this is things for Sermonia and his art supplies. He also has a thing about Christmas decorations. The happier he is in a relationship at that time, the more likely he is to have Christmas lights strung around his apartment—usually on the balcony, but he’s been known to string them around doorframes as well. He also has a very mild allergy to cigarette smoke, but mostly just can’t stand the smell of it—he’s better with cigars.

History: Corinth was born in Cardiff, Wales, Great Britain, to two devout Roman Catholics. His life was pretty standard, attending mass with both his parents, until he was eight. His mother had an affair and left his father with their child. Rather than stay in the church community they were in in Cardiff, they moved, settling in a small hamlet for several years. Cor attended school and mass, though he had a difficult time believing in a God who would let his mother leave him for someone else. At the age of eighteen he went to art school, not returning to his home with his father, though he does occasionally write to the older man.

After art school, Cori traveled for a while, paying his way with his artwork, until he finally settled in Eden. Shortly after finding a small apartment in a complex that didn’t seem to care one way or the other about pets, he took in a little black kitten who had adopted him on his daily art sittings at the park. He’s been trying to make ends meet and care for the cat and himself for the last several years. He’s long since allowed his attendance of church to lapse, going only for Easter and Christmas Masses. This is not something he has revealed to his father, some part of him dreading the disappointment he is certain it would bring the older man.

RP Sample: Corinth folded up his easel, careful not to do any damage to it or to the rest of his supplies. Figures he’d find the job that paid rarely, but required relatively expensive supplies. He really ought to see about getting a secondary source of income. At the moment though, he was more than content to settle for working with his art.
“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” He shook his head, muttering under his breath, “Should have mentioned that it also meant you eat less than the average person half the time.” Oh well, he couldn’t complain too much. He’d made a bit on a charcoal sketch of a child and her mother today. At least enough to cover some groceries and some food for Sermonia. The Welshman hefted his bag onto his shoulder and turned, heading toward the grocery store to pick up some much needed supplies.

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Corinth Foulkes // Wales Empty Re: Corinth Foulkes // Wales

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Interesting take on Wales~ The personality is nicely fleshed out, I can't wait to see what you do with him c:

Ahaha, and that roleplay sample hit a little close to home for this humble art major...~


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