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Peaceful Earth Corps (Assassins Hetalia AU) Empty Peaceful Earth Corps (Assassins Hetalia AU)

Post  Arthur on Wed May 11, 2011 8:57 pm

Peaceful Earth Corps (Assassins Hetalia AU) PEC_01

Years ago, the act of declaring war on those abusing human rights went out of style amongst the nations of the world. The world leaders sat together and debated amongst each other how they could best handle the issues of someone attempting to be another Hitler, another Stalin, another Saddam. Finally, they reached an epiphany.

The best way to handle the situation was to involve a third party, one who would calmly take care of the problem and not risk a war.

Thus, the Peaceful Earth Corps was established. A single person from each country was taken and sent to a remote location, to be trained into a killer and used to keep the world a safe place. The problem of finding willing recruits rose, though and a solution had to be thought of.

Take an individual with a dark secret. Threaten them with that secret, until they agree with you. Have them join the Corps, and tell them it’s to save the world.

This was the chosen method, and it has remained an effective method for the five years that the Corps has been running. Members have been killed in action, and have been replaced, the originals, though, tend to run the PEC, choosing the three-man squad to be sent after the targets.

And believe me, there are still a lot of targets.

Join the PEC, take care of targets, help keep the world safe.

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