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Roderich // Austria--Seraph--application Austria___Nocturne_by_Silveril


Name:Roderich (Human form’s surname: Edelstein)
Nation: Austria
Physical Age: 28
Appearance: Roderich is a slender being of moderate height, coming in at a skinny 5’10.” His fingers are long and elegant, adept at small detailed work due to constant dexterous pastimes. He has dark brown hair that naturally has a bit of a wave in it, but he does his best to keep it straight. He has one stubborn lock of hair that curls up no matter what he does to try and tame it. He has a clear complexion and what could be called an aristocratic nose. His violet eyes are unshielded when not in his human form, leaving them to be clearly seen (he feels his appearance is younger in his angelic form due to this). He has three sets of white wings, the center pair being the strongest and the ones designed for actual flight. His robe is the same white as his wings, and he wears a sash with silver baubles on it that chime together when he moves.

Roderich’s human form wears spectacles. He knows he shouldn’t, he doesn’t really need them, but he did get tired of his human form being mistaken for as young as it sometimes was. His clothing is a tad out of date, but he is most comfortable in a full suit with a cravat. He wears a blue suit coat usually, the breeches being tan and the boots a well polished brown.


Class: Seraphim
Virtues:Roderich’s gifting lies within his music. The instrument he most often uses is a violin, capable of eliciting emotions from those around him when played correctly. His passion lies within the notes and compositions for praise that are the business of this class of Angels. He is able to play a few instruments (as long as they aren’t tied to breath or vocal gifting)—the piano and violin being his strongest.

The violin he carries with him, and the piano does not have the same effect upon others, due to most of the ones he can find existing only in the human realm. There is both blessing and danger in the notes of the music. Used correctly the music lends hope, trust, and peace. Played out of harmony or in anger and despair, deception, and discord come from the notes. His music is far more rooted in emotion than in any sort of physical manifestation. Any emotion can be called upon with the right composition, he just hardly dares test them for fear that they lead people to sin and vice.


Personality: Roderich can be a perfectionist and has spent much of his existence reminding himself that humans have a free will and therefore are capable of failure. He often has to step back and take a deep breath to recall patience and to enact it. One mightn’t think this would be so difficult for an angel, but there are days Roderich wonders if maybe he wasn’t created in the wrong place—he quickly repents of this, recalling that the Almighty has a purpose, but sometimes doubt is what arises.

He is very formal, and rarely smiles more than a slight quirk of his lips. He keeps a tight rein on his own emotions, knowing how volatile they can be in others. One of his great concerns is that he slips too far into vice and away from virtue. There’s a part of him that fears Pride especially—the mark of it built into his very being. One might argue that Humility is also built in, but the Seraph recognizes that the vice has a stronger pull for him (specifically in the area of Vanity). Knowing the danger of this he does everything he can to avoid that temptation.

Given his choice, Roderich prefers to spend his time in Eden in his human form rather than in the Heavenly courts. He claims that it is for the same reason as the others, the protection of the human soul. Although this is partially true, it is also true that humans fascinate him in their ability to choose without their virtues and vices specifically defining them. They can love so very deeply, but can hate just as passionately. In all his time he still hasn’t unlocked the full secret of that, try as he might. His hope is to one day discover it and perhaps find a way to harness it in song. It is a goal that worries him sometimes, perhaps it is reaching further than his station allows and toeing the line of Pride.

Roderich is extremely loyal, even in his doubting moments. Once he has given his loyalty (which he did centuries ago) it will take something beyond the scope of what might be seen to shake him from it. This loyalty extends beyond his allegiance to exist in his personal relationships. Due to this, he isn’t necessarily distrustful, just a bit wary. He lost friends during the Battle of Heaven and doesn’t wish to risk that again.

When he does let himself relax, ignoring his fears for a time, he’s quiet, but he’s much gentler. His tone softens and his posture relaxes. However, this same tendency to relax also means that if he’s comfortable he’s more likely to let the person know exactly what he thinks—brutal honesty can have its downsides. This is not a being who regularly shows emotion, but be assured that if he does it’s genuine.

History: Roderich has always been a part of the Angelic worshipers. He is not one of the choir itself, his voice nowhere near the strength that it could be, but works to accompany them with instruments. He watched the seeds of discord plant themselves within some of the Angelic host, but his own loyalty blinded him to any true discontent among them. Then came the Battle of Heaven.

The strains of his violin music wove through the Battle, praise songs to the Almighty mixed with the intensity of war, lending hope to those fighting on the side of the Most High. His music rose in accord with the other Seraphim to lend it distance and depth. He watched as friends and comrades whom he had worshiped and spent time with fell from Heaven. The violin he possesses now is the second one he has had as the first was broken during the Battle of Heaven. With the shattering of his violin he was put on the defensive, and one of his wings broken and his opponent’s weapon cut deeply into his side. The wounds took a long time to heal, but even after they did he never forgot watching dear friends fall, in part due to the Pride of one. He withdrew into himself, growing quieter as the millennia passed.

Roderich has sought assignments among humans for many many years, preferring it to the time in Heaven where he feels he has too much time to think. He has had lovers in the past, both angelic and human—and has taken the punishments for them as expected. After all, one does not cause a human to commit a sin without facing punishment for it. As one who should be guarding the souls rather than corrupting them, Roderich has difficulty with the morality of affection for humans, but it doesn’t help much.

RP Sample: Roderich drew his hand away from the wound on his side. It hurt, more than anything he could recall. The blood that stained his long fingers dripped onto the shattered remnants of his violin, staining the broken wood with red spatterings. The host of Heaven was shattered just as surely. A third of their number was gone, and the remaining two thirds were injured, and piecing their hearts back together. The line had been drawn, all because of the Pride of a foolish angel who wished to be as the Most High.
The musician gathered the broken pieces of his violin, rising carefully and pausing as his vision blurred. He stretched his wings, crying out as the second wing on his right side protested due to the break in the bone within it. His fingers lost their grip on the violin’s remains and they fell, breaking more and one of the strings letting out a discordant sound as it was hit by a shard of wood. Roderich surveyed the desecration around him, finally slipping away from the battlefield to allow his wounds to heal and get the bone of his wing set. Everything had changed and the world had fallen with the newly named demons.

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Amazing application; I really loved reading it and your RP Sample was abosolutely beautiful~ Welcome to the forums :3


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