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Elizabeta // Hungary - Cherub [COMPLETE] Empty Elizabeta // Hungary - Cherub [COMPLETE]

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Name: Elizabeta (Héderváry as her chosen surname when in human form)
Nation: Hungary
Physical Age: about 25, but looks younger
Height: 5'3" -- her two wings add several feet to her height when completely unfurled; it's a good intimidating factor to make herself look bigger. She uses this to her advantage as often as possible.

Weight: about 140 lbs; do not ever mention her weight to her face. Some of it is all muscle.

Build: She is slim, with a slight stocky build, narrow hips, and long legs; there is definite strength in her body. She is more muscular than most females, though it usually isn't too noticeable. Her body could be considered both feminine and masculine, with her slight curves and calloused hands.

Hair: At first glance her hair is plain brown; but at a closer look there are some hints of auburn and dark blond. This is more apparent when she is outside in the sun. She is fond of braiding her hair, even though it usually comes loose by the end of the day. There are often flowers in her hair.

Eyes: A bright emerald green; very expressive and usually quite open about her emotions.

Attire: For casual outfits -- especially among the human town of Eden -- she prefers a mix of green and white and brown of expertly cut clothing that accents her curves and shows off her feminineness; this could include suits, dresses, blouses, vests, or skirts. For business, she greatly prefers to dress more like a man; she gets taken seriously more often -- though having a frying pan handy helps greatly. When having to dress up for religious duties, she dons her golden robes and ties her teal blue sash around her hips.

Unique Features: Elizabeta has two very contradicting, outwardly unique qualities about her. One is the fact that there is some sort of flower woven into her braid. It matches her sweet smile and seemingly innocent face. Which is far from the truth. And the other is that she carries around a frying pan, which definitely tells you she means business. Whether it's in her hand ready to deliver divine punishment on your sorry head, or tied to her sash within reach, her choice weapon is always with her. Be wary of her short temper. There is one last detail that she has kept hidden for many, many years -- a ragged scar down the length of her back, her memento from the Battle of Heaven. She hates it.


Class: Cherubim
Virtues: Charity, Diligence


Personality: Elizabeta is the free-spirited, big sister type. She is not afraid of getting her hands dirty, and would be more than glad to do so than stay clean. She is fond of roaming wherever she can and however far she can go before duty calls her back; she’s attracted to conflict, and will most likely be found where the action is. She is a firm believer in pansexuality; her romantic feelings have more than once swayed towards her own sex. And she’s not afraid to show it…this also includes her fondness of two males getting together. And doing questionable things behind closed doors. Yes, Elizabeta has very strange tastes in romance sometimes. Her many quirks make her an odd sort of person.

She loves being around people – any people who capture her interest – and taking on the role of looking after them if needed; she has a tendency to mother those younger than her whether they like it or not. Extremely energetic, endlessly cheerful, and stubbornly determined, the Hungarian makes friends (once she is friends with you, she sees you as part of her family) – and enemies – quickly with her overprotective and at times very wild behavior. She lets herself loose, and doesn’t hold herself back in any sort of way. She can switch between acting very feminine and very violent without warning most of the time, depending on the situation and the people involved. She is a warrior after all, and a master strategist. She has a somewhat short temper, paired with a cunning mind, which shouldn’t be very surprising considering her line of work. Elizabeta doesn’t hold the Wrath of a demon, but heaven help you if you mess with her friends. She will hurt you with her trusty frying pan.

Otherwise, she is a very sweet angel with a long fuse. She is willing to listen to and nurture, and to help those who need it to the best of her ability, whether they are human or an angel. She’s wary of Demons, though she has no problem at all with hitting them across the head with her weapon. She is devoted to protecting Heaven at all costs. Her main virtue, Charity, is her greatest strength and weakness. Her heart can be a bit too open at times, and if she is unable to help someone, she draws within herself for a short amount of time – before immediately bouncing back and acting like nothing was wrong. She is proud of the fact that she herself needs no protection, and wants to keep it that way. Diligence is her second virtue and it shows easily; Elizabeta is completely focused on her duties, determined to do her best and prove herself just as capable of defense – never mind that it has been proved many times over. As she is one of the few female guardians, she sees it as giving an example to the other angels. The Hungarian is very stubborn after all. She won’t let herself be limited, and will knock down anyone who stands in her way. And she won’t like you if you deliberately try to distract her.

History: Elizabeta is an angel of action. From the moment her hand first touched that frying pan, she knew she was going to be one of the top guardians of Heaven. She was always moving, flitting to different sections and seizing control from authoritative figures in her duties – mostly as a joke, but at times she had to, in her opinion, when her male colleagues weren’t doing enough. She was always cheerful and happy, more rambunctious and wild than calm throughout her existence. She noticed the slight strain between certain angels and God, but she didn’t think anything would happen. She saw only the best in people.

And then there was the Fall.

That day was chaotic, at best. Elizabeta fought her way through the many conflicts between the angels that supported Lucifer and the angels that stood firmly on the side of God. Her frying pan was still dented from all the times she used it to clonk someone upside the head, and shoved injured angels out of the way so she could take on their fight.

Exhausted and drained but still fighting on as best she could, Elizabeta suddenly found herself face to face with Lucifer himself. As much as she wanted to believe that this was only a dream and she would soon wake up, she could not deny seeing that madness in the eyes of God’s most favored angel.

He tried to coax her into joining him. Elizabeta resisted, but still he kept coming, and his voice was inside her head. She couldn’t stop him from talking, no matter how many times she attempted to hit him. She loved God with all her being, but Lucifer was making it very hard to remember her duties. He told the Hungarian that he would make her the perfect guardian angel if she came to his side, and for a brief moment she was tempted. That was her goal, to become stronger and be the best she could be. But then she screamed out, “No!” and swung her frying pan at him with all her might.

Lucifer dodged her easily and struck at her exposed back, tearing open her skin. To this day Elizabeta was still surprised that she hadn’t lost her wings, but was extremely grateful that she didn’t. She doesn’t remember what happened right after that; she must have blacked out, because the next thing she knew her injury was being treated. The Hungarian, however, does remember breaking down into hysterics and pleas of forgiveness for being tempted, not stopping even after several angels tried to console her. She just could not forget. With the scar on her back, she was reminded every day of how close she had come to Falling.

She threw herself into her duties, and there was a time where she was ruthless in defense. She still is, but she is more relaxed and happy now. She has regained her customary cheerfulness, though with a darker humor than before. Her greatest fear is that, if there’s another rebellion, her defense would be down and she would be completely smitten with Lucifer’s words, coaxed into Falling herself. She could not let that happen.

RP Sample:

Elizabeta strode along the sidewalk, her boots scraping along the concrete with her head tilted back to keep a view of the dark sky. She wasn’t sure what time it was, but she knew it was late in human terms. Her eyes flicked around, searching for something to keep her attention – there wasn’t much of it.

Where was all the light and happiness and laughter she was always hearing about?

She frowned sadly, absently straightening her brown vest and fixing her white blouse as her skirt swirled around her legs. Humans were sad creatures at times, she thought. So brutal and sad all the time, and killing each other for reasons they seemed to not really understand. She wished they could witness the beauty of her home and feel the happiness that encompassed her whole being, but knew that was impossible at the moment.

The image of Heaven in her head, Elizabeta felt a small pang of homesickness in her heart and glanced up again. Are you here with me, God? she whispered, and smiled as she felt the familiar warmth of home. She was full of her God’s love and light. Nothing could stop her now.

With a new stride in her step, the Hungarian swung her hands by her sides as she hummed cheerfully. It was a gorgeous night, she decided, and sat herself on the nearest bench to watch the people go by. Humans had always fascinated her; she wanted to know how they worked. They seemed so very different than angels.

Elizabeta brought her hair over her shoulder and threaded her fingers through the auburn brown strands, kicking her feet absently once more. Even if she was only a guardian angel, the Hungarian still could do her best to spread God’s love. With everyone person who passed her, she called out a cheerful greeting and blessing – and she didn’t understand why most gave her dirty looks and hurried off.

One even called her a hellion.

That stung. Greatly. She wasn’t one and never would be.

Resisting the urge to stick out her tongue, Elizabeta just smiled at the man and waved. “You’ll get what’s coming to you,” she said, in all seriousness – before her face brightened with her smile and her laughter rang through the night.

:ooc information:

Name: Chibi
Age: 19
Time Zone (GMT +/-): GMT -5
Contact Information: Skype -- ChibiPrussia


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