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In the town of Eden, Demonic forces have been settled for a long time. Every day, they have gone about tempting, scaring, harming, and killing the citizens of the town. The Angelic forces have heard about this activity, and they have assembled themselves in order to save the town. Battles over souls break out every day now, as one by one, the Angelic forces attempt to save the citizens. Many of these Angels and Demons have not seen each other since the Battle of Heaven (see Background), and as a result, the tensions in this town run especially high.

Players can choose between three types of beings: Angels, Demons, or Humans. For more information on Angels and Demons, please see Angel/Demon Class Information


This RP takes a semi-Miltonian approach to Angels/Demons, meaning that Demons are Fallen Angels who rebelled against God along with Lucifer. Lucifer, the most powerful of all the angels, was jealous of humans because of the fact that God favored them above all. Furthermore, he thought that he could do a better job of running Heaven/Earth than God, and because of this decided to stage a coup. There was a great battle in heaven (named, for our purposes, the “Battle of Heaven”) in which friends were often pitted against friends, and at the end of the battle, Lucifer and his army—a third of the angels—were cast into Hell. This is NOT supposed to be a theologically correct RP in any way, shape, or form. All the Angelic and Demonic forces were involved in the Battle of Heaven, and preferably, histories should mention their roles in the battle.

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