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Arthur Kirkland - England 292lhxz
“Avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the LORD.” Romans 12:19


Name: Arthur (Kirkland, if he needs a last name)
Nation: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Physical Age: 21
Appearance: The first thing one notices about Arthur is the intense green of his eyes, a color that can catch you off guard and suck you down into its depths before you even realize what is happening. His eyes peer out from under a messy mop of strawberry blonde hair, and an impressively thick pair of eyebrows. His small, slight frame hides his strength and power, and disguises the fact that he’s perfectly capable of utilizing his strength and throwing someone across the room. Beneath his robes, or his proper suit, it depends on where you meet him, lies a scarred body. Some of these scars stem from the Battle of Heaven, and others come from fighting with fellow demons, as well as the occasional angel. The rest, however, seem to be self-inflicted, littering his body in small, but frequent batches of vicious lacerations. He is often scowling, but is known to sport a smirk now and again, especially when he’s pulling someone in with his gaze. His rarest expression would be the soft, sad, and sweet smile that he wears only when he’s completely alone and thinks of his sister back in Heaven.


Class: ArchDemon
Vices: Lust, Wrath
His powers through Lust focus on his words and voice; he is able to lure anyone into his bed with a soft, sultry tone and carefully honeyed words. He is able to seduce anyone, that is, except for the one person he wants more than anything.

He power through Wrath, though, stems through the cutlass that he carries at his side. When it draws blood from a victim, it infects them with a short-lived but intense rage, directed at the source of any less than pleasant feelings that they might have. Unfortunately, it infects Arthur as well; his source of wrath is, ultimately, himself.

Former Virtues: Chastity, Diligence


Personality: Arthur is a stunningly complex creature; something that can be comprehended just by glancing at his demonic robes. The deep indigo of Lust contrasting prettily with the deep carmine color of Wrath is symbolic of how he works. At one moment he is a seducer, pulling someone close and whispering pretty words in their ear, making soft, sweet promises that he has no intention of keeping; another he is enraged, green eyes flashing as he swears and threatens vigorously, ready to tear a being apart in retaliation for some perceived slight.

His wrath is also capable of turning inward, and evidence of this can be seen along the groups of scars on his body. He rarely harms himself, but when he does, Arthur will do it properly, by himself with his own sharp nails and no weapon to taint his wrath. He attacks himself out of rage from his failures, and also out of confusion when he finds his thoughts turning towards Heaven.

Which brings us to the most confusing part of Arthur’s psyche; his thoughts of Heaven. There is only one thing in the Above that he truly cherishes, and that is his dear sister. He hates the rest of it, and would make war on Heaven again and again, but would never be able to make himself hate Roisin, no matter how hard he tried. Sometimes he finds himself sitting in Hell, looking upwards with a soft smile and remembering the times they shared with each other.
History: Arthur had been destined for great things when he was created; to be the Angel of Wrath, to bear God’s Almighty Rage upon the world below the Heavenly gates. He was gifted with Diligence to ensure that he always stuck with his tasks, no matter what attempted to chase him away. As he prepared for the start of his Heavenly tasks, he took on an apprentice angel by the name of Alfred, who, while Arthur was the Angel of Wrath, would be the Angel of Justice.

Just as he was content, he stumbled upon one of the most beautiful books he had ever seen; its emerald green cover was bedecked in script that he had never seen before, covered in gems and filled with cream colored paper lined in gold. As he lifted the book and opened the cover, before his very eyes the script shifted into a readable language.

“I am the Grimoire, the book of truths”
it read, “look upon me and read the lies you have been told.”

As Arthur read, he felt the anger placed in his soul turn on him; it was no longer God’s Holy Wrath, intended for the punishment of wrong-doers, it was now something ugly and awful, ready to strike at the source of its fury, which seemed to be God Himself. This book, he realized, told him what no one else would; he was temporary. He would be sent upon the world to punish the disobedient, but would abruptly be removed from his position and killed, because of God’s favor towards humanity. They would be left to govern themselves and Arthur would no longer be needed, and would be destroyed.

He seized the book and took it with him, seeking out the Proud Angel, Lucifer. He took up arms with him in the coming Battle of Heaven, attempting to show God exactly how useful he could be. As the battle wore on, the futility started to echo in him, but his wrath would not let him stop, intending to cause as much pain as he felt. His last sight of Heaven was that of his sister, Roisin, their identical eyes locking as he stumbled and fell from Heaven to Hell. He kept that image in his heart, even as he wandered the depths of Hell. He stumbled across another fallen angel, one who seemed badly wounded and in horrible pain.

Somewhere, deep inside him, something pulled at him and he lifted the other demon, helping him to his own home, where Arthur fixed him up, learning along the way that his name was Jin. He could sense the wrath in the both of them, and, despite his existence now as a demon, told Jin that if he was even in trouble, and it had better be serious trouble, he could call on Arthur and would be helped.

Even helping Jin did not settle his wrath, though, and he was left with a gaping place in his very being, knowing full well that it stemmed from the loss of Heaven, and more importantly the loss of his sister. As his thoughts continued to dwell on Roisin, he felt an unfamiliar feeling take seed in him; the feeling of Lust. He wanted her, wanted to be the only one she thought about, wanted her to be with him, by his side as he sat in Hell. No other being could lay claim to her, she would be his. Over the millennia, his wrath and lust have taken root in him, and are intertwined with his mind and body, affecting every decision he makes.
RP Sample: Arthur stormed into his room and hefted up the first object he grabbed, a small vase housing feathered quills. After testing its weight for a second, he pulled back and promptly threw it across the room, watching it slam and shatter against the opposite wall, feathers flying everywhere as though some great bird had been shot by the clay object. He stood there, panting a bit, eyes flashing until he reached up and touched his face, where three long scratches still remained, blood seeping slowly down his cheek. They had yet to heal, which meant that he could either walk around with the evidence of a furious lover-


Francis was not his lover; that would indicate some kind of affection for the other Archdemon.

The evidence of an enraged comrade, then.

Arthur shook himself and made his way over to his bookstand, waving a hand and watching the book, his previous Grimoire, fly open to the proper spell to speed up the healing of his face. He set forth, murmuring the ancient words softly and plotting revenge on the other Archdemon in the back of his mind.

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