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[: D E M O N :]

[DENMARK] Sebastian 23uomy9

I am a point in the sky.
A star in a constellation.
I'm all you see.
I am Orion's eyes.
A towering giant's sight.
Me being of mammoth size,
This comes as no surprise.


    Name: Sebastian (He has no last name, even when he had his human guise. He sees no need for it.)

    Nation: Denmark

    Physical Age: 25


    The first thing that people notice when they see Sebastian, is his seemingly gravity-defying hair. His hair is blonde with a choppy edge--he never did like it being proper looking. It skewed in all different directions while the left side of his hair looked like it slicked back at the beginning. Once turquoise colored eyes were now a devilish red from all the rage that manifested within his form. If you looked hard enough, you'll noticed a tint of black around his eyes. Piercing wise, this guy has three in his left ear, two in his right ear, one at his left eyebrow, a snakebite below his bottom lip, and a tongue ring, that he'll most often try to show off in a perverse manner.

    Sebastian stands at a grand height of six feet, consisting of lean muscle. He was by no means a buff demon like some of the other ones, but he can still pack a nasty punch, so watch it! Along with physical attributes, a pair of twisted, black horns sprouted from his skull, spiraling back and then downwards; they are somewhat sensitive. The same can be said about the devilish tail that seemed to be connected to his spinal column, and the pair of large, leathery wings that often laid flat against his back. Nails and teeth had sharp tips, perfect for ripping meat apart. Fingers looked as though they were dipped in black. His robes were a deep red color, fitted with a violet sash around his waist. It might not match, but Sebastian liked it and that's all that matters. When he's not in his human guise, he always, always has an axe with him.

    When it comes to his human guise, his eyes revert back to their turquoise hue, the black tint is gone also. His clothes usually change from time to time. He can go one day with wearing dressy clothes, to wearing a layered shirt and tattered jeans the next. More times than not, he'll have a grin on his face. But it's hard to figure out whether it's there for good nature, or a sadistic one.


    Class: Demon

    Vices: Pride & Wrath

    Former Virtues: Temperance & Charity



    Despite his intimidating appearance, Sebastian is somewhat friendly. Well, the kind of friendly that gets its kicks from harassing others. But even so, he is definitely not someone you'd want to have on your enemy list, because he will exact his revenge in some diabolical way. There are times where Sebastian can be a bit obnoxious--without even knowing it, no less!--and rather loud. It's not like he demands attention, no, it's more the fact that he just wants everyone to know who he is. He enjoys it when people are afraid of him and would even go as low as to kidnap and torture humans to for his own twisted pleasure.

    There are times--albeit rare and far between--when the demon will be affectionate, but always behind closed doors. There's no way he'd show that side of himself. Not when everyone thought of him, at one point, as a wild child. He does what he wants when he wants, so if you tell him that he can't do something, he'll be quick to snap his sharp teeth in your direction and quite possibly follow up with a string of curses.


    Even before the war, Sebastian was still--somewhat--as wild as he is in the present. Always causing just enough trouble to get scolded, but never really taking it serious. There were times where he often wondered why he was born an angel. He was far from an angel; a pure, holy angel, that fought for what was right. Fought for what was right, huh? That's what God told them. They helped people, and in return the humans gave them praise. Sebastian could almost always be found hanging around Sindre, another angel that.. really was in the wrong place.

    He honestly hated all the righteousness that was flitting around everywhere, it was just too.. overbearing to him. He also felt powerless. It felt like only He had all the power, leaving the angels to do all the paperwork or something. Sebastian was supposed to be an angel temperance and charity, bah! That's when he learned that one of the angels were going to rebel against God. Sebastian didn't know what Sindre was going to do during it, because the other angel did have a brother. He, himself, had nothing that really was riding on this. He no longer had faith in Him. It wasn't like he felt contempt, or even anger. He just wanted power, and doing this... doing this would guarantee this.

    That's when the battle started. Sebastian was granted powers to battle against his still righteous brethren. He was never going back. Never ever. During this battle, he did something that he honestly never thought would happen. He killed another angel. It didn't make him feel empty inside, no, instead it filled him with great pleasure. This is what he was meant for.

    When the battle ended, he fled with the other now fallen angels. He no longer grouped himself with those trifles. They were now granted as demons. Sebastian liked the sound of that. His transformation into one was a painful one though, but it was really worth it.

    He recognized most of the angel-turned-demons now. One of them was Sindre, but when he didn't see the demon's younger brother, he felt like something went unbelievably wrong, but did it really? Or was this the way that things were meant to be?

    RP Sample:

    The pain was overbearing. It was like his whole body was twisting around like a pretzel or something. He could feel his spinal column stretching, breaking skin as it continued to elongate at the base, creating a whip-like tail. It wasn't like he could question it if he wanted to, the only things that came from his mouth at the moment were fits of painful yells.

    His nails clawed at the ground, and even those hurt like a bitch. They dug into the concrete beneath him, piercing it like it was hot butter, eyes frantically searching for something, but he didn't know what. What he did see when he looked down was blood Blood? But why did it look like so much? Lifting a hand, Sebastian wiped at his face and pulled it back.


    There was blood.

    Now he could feel the warmness around his mouth and nose. But why was that happening? Was it supposed to happen? An animalistic growl escaped his throat as he tried to shift around, but he could even move a muscle. The next bout of pain was from his wings, but it wasn't as extensive as the spinal growth. Sebastian turned his head to stare at the large white wings on his back, but now they weren't as white. Slowly, they turned black, and seemed to fuse together, turning into a leathery material; almost bat-like. There was a look of pure amazement in his now blood-red eyes, which he didn't even realize yet. Even his teeth took on a razor-sharp appearance, tongue dragging over the points, unharmed.

    For a moment he thought that the change was over, but was he wrong. This was the worst to come. It was all in his skull now.

    "Fuuuuuuuck," he hissed, bowing his head to the ground to grip it with his hands tightly. Now it really felt like his skull was splitting open at the seams, predominantly at the spots just past his temples. The sudden warmness was telling him that his skin was definitely ripping, another spasm of growls pouring from him. Hands twitching against his scalp as they just wanted to claw, but he forced himself to not do that. Instead, they groped around, just enough for feel a pair of short horns protruding from his skull.

    Once it was over, he flopped over onto his back--careful of those sensitive horns--and breathed heavily, gasping down gulps of air. He hurt all over, but the power he now felt coursing just beneath his skin all but made up for it.

:ooc information:

    Name: ally or rookie is fine.

    Age: 21

    Time Zone (GMT +/-): eastern.

    Contact Information:

    MSN // danishraeg@live.com
    AIM // vodkacakes

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