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moonlight densetsu.

Post  june. on Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:31 pm

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[SIZE=30]"T[/SIZE]here was once a great kingdom on the moon, called the Silver Millenium. The great queen of the moon, Serenity as she was so named, was given the task of aiding the Earth in our evolution by the gods. However, she and her kingdom were also strictly forbidden from ever making contact with the budding kingdom of the young planet. With her holy crystal of silver light, she watched over our blue planet from her own for centuries, helping us on our path of evolution, and never daring to descend to our earth and be among us. After a time, the queen gave birth to her only daughter, the princess of the Moon Kingdom, who, though told by her mother to stay away from the blue planet, broke taboo and traveled there anyway. She fell in love with our golden prince, but her transgression had repercussions she did not yet know about, in the form of a jealous, jilted woman who turned to solar energy for solace. With this energy, she turned her people against the Moon Kingdom and attacked. The pure, white kingdom was destroyed, as was our earth, and we were doomed to start our evolution again. With her last breath, the great Queen of the Moon sealed the energy deep into the earth's crust, her heart broken by death, and sent her daughter and our golden prince into the future so that they could have another chance to grasp at the happiness that escaped them."

It is a legend told time and time again, in children's stories, in popular adult plays. However, little do the unsuspecting humans of Earth know, their most popular legend is true, and brewing deep beneath the mantle of the Earth, is a power so sinister, so formidable, that all it thirsts for are death and destruction. Spawned from the sun, this power can only be tamed by the daughter of the great queen of the moon, who was reincarnated without her memories in modern-day Japan. This evil power is stirring, setting of a chain of events set in place so long ago no one is sure if this evil can be combatted. Will you step up to the plate?

is a non-au, manga-based rp set in 2011 japan, with the senshi attending college. With Venus the only one awakened, will they recover their memories in time to fight this evil?

graphic by talented mai @ rcr


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