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Name: Kateryna Kosach-Kvitka
Nation: Ukraine
Age: 30
Birthday: 24th of August
Appearance: (At least one paragraph)

The first thing that would come to mind about Kateryna is her chest. It is quite large and real pain for Kateryna’s back. The Ukrainian has often thought ‘breast reduction’ and with good reason; her chest is so large that it is said a strange drumming noise is sounded when she moves.

Her eyes are wide and grey-blue in colour. Her cheeks are plum as her face is round. (Many think her baby Her light blond hair, cut short, is normally held back with a bandanna and barrettes. Her eyes always seem glassy as they easily tear up. But her face lights up with a smile just as easily. Despite her soft appearance; Kateryna has always been a strong woman. Her youth was spent working hard in farmer fields, making her strong physically. Her hands are rough and lined -proof of all her hard work and well placed labour.


Occupation: Handyman, Kateryna does all sorts of odd jobs. She's a hard and fast worker, her years of farm work have made her grown strong. Her only complaint is that her back starts to hurt after a while since her chest is too heavy. More often than not, since she's learned it was possible, she has contemplated breast reduction.

But with she really is capable of doing is soothe peoples souls. Kateryna does odd jobs so that she can easily pick up her bags and travel. She settled in Eden for she sensed that the people were in need of her, also that there was something dark brewing in the seemingly harmless city.


Personality: (At least 2 Paragraphs)

Kateryna has retained her quiet nature from her long hours alone in the fields, she doesn’t have much confidence in herself. In fact, she finds herself a rather plain sort of person. The most interesting thing that’s ever happened to her (which happed a few times actually) she isn’t exactly at liberty in speaking about. She’s shy and reserved but loves affection. She wants to be open and happy with people. When she was younger she was more likely to hide away in the fields being too shy to go out and seek it, but now that she’s older she sometimes starves for it -which is why people describe her as overly affectionate and very motherly.

Despite this starvation for affectionate she isn’t lustful, in fact she’s rather oblivious to any sexual endeavours. Her nomadic ways made it so she never grew interested in men very much. Or maybe she was just not as interested in sex from the get go. But one bad habit she picked up on her travels was drinking. Not long after she left home, she picked up on this particular vice. Not that she’s complaining or planning on changing it, it’s filled her pockets more times than she can count, with wagers that she could drink anyone under the table. And so far, no one has ever beaten her. And she’s secretly very proud of this fact, and holds her title dearly.

Another thing about Kateryna that many would be quick to notice is how easily she is moved to tears. after the fire, the Ukrainian seemed to look upon the world more sensitively. Now nearly anything can make her cry, a story about love and success, and story about woe and tragedy. She never used to cry as often as she does now, but a kindly old woman told her that it was because Kateryna understood how hard life is, and there was no fault in that. It was simply a part of growing up.

History: (At least 2 Paragraphs)

Kateryna was born to a simple family in the north of her native country Ukraine, near the Belarusian border. Her first years were happy and the few memories she has from that time are precious. She remembers her mother’s smile the most and her father’s eyes. She holds onto those two memories because they had died along with her baby brother from the Chernobyl disaster. The fires burned over her city and affected most of Europe at the time. Many people died after wards from the contamination, especially those who lived in the city. But small precious Kateryna was left completely unaffected physically.

But despite her parents and brother’s untimely death, Kateryna found happiness in her youth. She was taken into the care of a farmer’s family who needed help, their lands were unaffected by the disaster as they lived in the south of Ukraine. They considered themselves blessed and grateful and thought the leas they could do was help someone who was hurt by the reactor meltdown.

Kateryna grew up in fields, if she wasn’t at school she was in the fields working. She worked harder than any other child her age, and her foster parents worried that they were making her work too hard but she loved it. Despite all the cuts and bruises she felt at home in wheat. Even when her foster father told her to stop she didn’t want to, she wanted to work. And work. She lacked any real social life, but people weren’t nearly as interesting or as welcoming as the earth, the fields, the wheat, the grass, the glare of the sun and the breeze of the summer winds. These, more than anything, made her feel at home. But she loved her foster family dearly and was always grateful to them.

But everything changed when fire burned down her home and fields. As Kateryna watched helplessly as the firemen tried to hose down the only home she had ever really know. Mesmerized by the smoke in the sky, -by what she saw in the smoke. A dark angel.

Something with great black wings that stood out against the smoky sky. She could practically feel him there as if he were standing right beside her, breathing against her neck. He was there and no one seemed to notice. Kateryna filled with grief and confusion didn’t even think about pointing the angel out. Instead her eyes watched it disappear into the night. Away from the smoke and away from her burning home.
She didn’t know why, but she knew she couldn’t stay there anymore. Her life in Ukraine was over. Fate had something else in store for her, she left school, and her foster family could only watch and support their daughter’s decision to leave. She traveled around Europe for a quite a few years and after a long journey -eventually found herself in the town of Eden.

She has been traveling to where she felt that she was needed and sometimes she saw things that she could never truly explain happen in the places that she's visited. all she knew was that she would do her best to help the people there. Doing what she could and hoping that they felt just a little bit relieved before she had to leave them for her next destination.

Many things had happened since she left her home, Ukraine. She was a different -but not too different- a person. Now the fields no longer call to her as the need to help people. During her travels, she understood more about the men and women of the world their beauty and their cruelty, but most of their ability to overcome anything.
And this above all, she appreciated.

RP Sample: (At least 150 Words)

The world isn't what it used to be. That much she knew from books and stories. The people and places, the technology and buildings. Everything was different. The woman found it strange that this much was true from just crossing over borders. You could see the difference, but she had never seen anything so shockingly different as North America.

The buildings, the people, the words, the attitudes -everything. It made her feel excited and homesick all at once. She was on the other side of the world, and it was like she stepped into a whole different plain of existence.

One that wasn't as welcoming to strangers. Just when Kateryna was ready to give up on a place to stay for the night she found the church. It looked just like the ones she had seen in Europe old and worn, a proud building that plans on withstanding the strains of time as long as it could.

It was a place of refuge and she wondered if she was allowed to ask for it.

Her heart felt heavy in her chest, she gathered up her courage and tried the door, it was locked.

She let out a small smile, whether out of disappointment or relief she didn't know. She pulled her backpack up on her shoulders, her back hurt and her feet ached from walking all day, but both pains were familiar to her. It was just one of those reminders.

Once she was far enough from the church she turned and glanced at the cross at the top of the church.

"A refuge for the poor, a shelter from the storm..."

Her stormy coloured eyes looked up to the quickly darkening sky. Well, she may be poor but at least there is no storm. She smiled to herself, there was blanket in her back pack. It wouldn't be the first time she slept outside.

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