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Feliciano Vargas/ North Italy application Pbucket


Name: Feliciano Vargas
Nation: Northern Italy
Physical Age: 21

With his slight frame and short stature Feliciano looks very young. His perpetual smile and cheerful nature make him seem even more childlike. His soft feathery wings seem almost too big for his body. So much so that he sometimes trips over them, but is a very fast flyer. His hair is auburn with a thick fringe of bangs and wayward curl sticking out to one side. The robes he wears are pale sea green (symbolic of the virtue of kindness) and tied with a deep red sash (symbolic of the virtue of patience). He much prefers wearing the robes to wearing uncomfortable human clothes- so much so that, when trying to pose as a human, he often forgets to wear pants.


Class: angel
Virtues: kindness and patience



Feliciano is extremely innocent and naïve even by angel standards. Nearly always bubbly and cheerful, he wants to help and befriend everyone. Many times his cute looks and kind disposition do win people over, but he has a tendency of getting himself into bad situations when he visits earth. He feels much safer in Heaven with the angels, but he likes to help humans and is always curious about their customs and behavior (also their food).
Like his two virtues indicate, he is a very peaceful angel and doesn’t like to get involved in combat of any kind. If he can’t talk the enemy into befriending him through his kindness, he also has a very calming aura. At times he can make people lose their will to fight just be being present, but other times he isn’t so lucky.


Feli grew up along side his nearly identical brother angel, Lovino. Despite not being particularly strong or smart, he was well loved by the other angels and always surrounded by friends. He never realized how much this hurt his less social and less popular brother. As time passed, the two brothers grew apart. It seemed the more time Feli spent with his brother, the harder he got pushed away. Feli was deeply hurt. He didn’t know what he had ever done to upset his brother so much.

During the War of Heaven, Feli was much better at saving the angels who were considering rebelling then fighting the ones that already had. He was very good at his job and saved many, though more were joining with Lucifer every day. When Feliciano learned that his brother was among the fallen, he feel into a deep despair, refusing to do his job or speak to anyone. How was he supposed to save others if he couldn’t even save his own brother? Fortunately, other angels were able to bring him to his senses before he fell totally into the vice of sloth.

Feli was very thankful for the peace once the war was finished, but still misses all of the angels that were cast out of heaven. He enjoys going on missions to help the humans on Earth, but is
always glad to return to the safety of Heaven afterwards. His real hope is to find his lost brother and somehow bring him back.

(Based around Lovino’s profile, but can be changed. Will discus it with the other RPer.)

RP Sample:

Feli loved days like these. The sun was warm, the breeze was gentle, and everyone in the surrounding park seemed at peace. On days like these Earth was almost like Heaven. No sooner had he thought this then he heard yelling in the distance. He approached cautiously.

“Who said you could play! It’s my ball!”

“Yeah, your sister can’t play! She’s a GIRL!”

Two little boys were harassing an even smaller girl who was crying loudly. “Besides, we need even teams!” yelled the boy, who was apparently the girl’s brother. “Just go away!”

Feliciano smiled broadly and called out to the children. “Do you need another player? I can join!” The two boys looked at him in disbelief, but didn’t say no. “I don’t mind being on a team with a girl.” He said, putting a hand on the weeping girl’s shoulder. She stared at him wide eyed. Sometimes Feli thought children recognized him for what he was, even when he was in the guise of a human.

Within a few minutes the four were all laughing and chasing the ball. Feli just wished that all human conflicts were this easy to resolve.

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