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Post  En Zed on Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:02 pm

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Name: Atawhai Kirkland
Nation: New Zealand
Physical Age: 17
Appearance: (At least one paragraph) Atawhai is 5'4" in height with a very frail, slim body type. Her eyebrows resemble Arthur's eyebrows, but not quite as big and thick like his. Her eyes are a mixture of gold and light green, with some dark green accents. Atawhai's skin is very fair, with a light natural blush and a few freckles. Unfortunatley, her body is almost curveless, and she's quite chestless. Much to her advantage, her cute, childish appearance happens to be her biggest weapon against whoever is her unlucky enemy. Her small figure and innocent, big eyes will make even the most evil think about what they have done with their horrid lives.
Her clothing in earth is what any casual teenager would wear, but with a few military-related things. Things like book bags with a red cross icon ironed on it, olive green canvas hats and her favorite military jacket that has an array of buttons and buckles, much to her joy. 'Up above', she wears a simple short white robe that adds to her young and free appearance.


Class: Archangel
Virtues: Forgiveness


Being the an angel, she looks down on those who do not obey the rules of God with a disgusted glare that could freeze an army of humans. She, of course looks down on the foolish demons and their unholy ways. But, also being the angel of forgivness, she believe that people, and demons alike can change and bask in the glory that she has grown in her whole life. She is a free spirit, who really just wants the best for everyone, even those who have done her wrong. She does not like to fight, but if everything she once loved is at stake, she is sure to put her life on the line. In Eden, she is the sort of person that will greet everyone, even start a conversation with complete strangers. She is seen as a refreshing young girl in Edens church she frequently volunteers in. Because of this, she has made friends in Eden, and keeps a very watchful eye over them. She is overall a nice person, that if you rub the wrong way, will unleash hell on you. (Oh, the irony.)
Ever since she could remember, Atawhai looked up to Sophia. She was a beautiful, graceful angel that everyone liked. So when Sophia 'Fell', young Atawhai didn't know what was right and wrong. She wanted to be like Sophia, but she didn't want to fall. There were many nights where she dreamt of falling, and she awoke with tears stinging her eyes. Decades passed, and she forgave Sophia. At that instant, she knew that she was going to be better than her. She'd never fall. She'd bask in holy glory like Sophia never could.
Atawhai's character became stronger towards sinners, but she eventually forgave them. God noticed how she would pray diligently for everyone how she would work for him without mumbling, and how she would quietly watch over the confessional in Eden's church, and quietly told the holy man what to make them pray, and how many times. He was impressed with her stern and fair forgiveness and promoted her to Archangel.
Atawhai happily worked even harder for God, and even fought against the Fallen in war. She doesn't like to talk about the war much, but she does say that her favorite weapon during the war had to be the twin chrystalline swords.

Rp Sample:
"There once was a little boy, who stopped a dam-" Hoa started.
"Hoa! You already told me that story!" young Atawhai giggled while peeling an apple for Hoa. This was how they used to spend Atawhai's days off, Atawhai relaxed against the bed post of Hoa's bed, and Hoa recalling old stories about sailors, princesses, and ancient warriors. Sometimes they even made their own stories, about a nonexistant land called Aotearoa. Hoa was always very good at making up stories for this place, but Atawhai got a stomache from even thinking about Aotearoa.
"Alright child," Hoa said, breaking Atawhai's train of thought "I've got a story I know you haven't heard." Atawhai glanced up and looked at her elder. Something told her this story was really special for Hoa to wait thirteen years after she had found her.
"One day," Hoa started "there was a soldier who came home, only to see his lover nurturing a beautiful baby. The baby had it's mothers delicate gold hair, it's fathers green eyes, that reminded everyone who looked into them of a breezy summer meadow." Hoa smiled and took the peeled apple from Atawhai. "The soldier took very good care of the baby when his wife was working in a factory. They were a happy family, even though they endured many hardships. Very... very happy." Hoa muttered the last part with a distictly sad tone. Atawhai was now watching Hoa intently.
"And then what happened, Hoa? They aren't a happy family anymore? Did the baby die?" Atawhai said, tilting her head. For once, Atawhai was very curious about the story. Something about it made her heart hurt, but in a good way, the way you that tells you something is affecting you.
"I'm getting to it, Atawhai." Hoa chuckled. "Paitence is a virtue." With that, Atawhai stood up straight and looked at Hoa straight in the eyes. Hoa laughed at Atawhai's eagerness
"One day, while the soldier and the lover were asleep, they forgot to wake up, and left the baby all alone..." Hoa stopped, and glanced at Atawhai, who was on the verge of tears. Atawhai was breaking inside, it was HER story.

:ooc information:

Name: Diana
Age: 17
Time Zone (GMT +/-): GMT-7
Contact Information: (Optional) I check daily, so just PM me!

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Post  Erik on Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:32 pm

I'm sorry, but I cannot accept this application as it is. First, it is clear that you have not read the rules, specifically the sections over the Virtues/Vices. If you had, you would have seen that Forgiveness is not one of the available Virtues/Vices. Second, you need a picture of New Zealand. New Zealand is not an OC, so we expect a picture to go with the app. Third, the order of events in your History is confusing. Although angels could fall after the Battle of Heaven, none of them could have fallen before it.

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