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Toris Laurinaitis - Lithuania 2r78zf9


Name: Toris Laurinaitis
Nation: Lithuania
Age: 23
Birthday: March 11th
Appearance: The first thing people notice about Toris is his warm, shy smile and how it seems to appear in even the worst situations. His shoulder length brown hair is usually held back in a small ponytail, because he finds it easier to work with. His green eyes are normally bright, despite his quiet personality. He prefers to dress comfortably no matter where he is, and will never wear a sleeveless shirt. Even when he swims he wears a dark t-shirt. Along his back are thick, painful-looking scars, the origin of which he’ll never tell anyone.


Occupation: Teacher (11th grade history)


Personality: On the outside, Toris is seen as cheerful and very helpful, if a little shy and introverted. He gets along with his students because of his level-headedness, and willingness to get to know them. He gets along with most of the people he works with, but still seems to stay distant, with a warm but guarded smile. He doesn’t speak much, but when he does, it’s often something sensible.

On his own, though, Toris is an anxious, depressed mess. He’s self-conscious of his body, especially the scars on his back, which he’s never shown to anyone but the person who made them. He’s been known to worry himself sick enough to be bedridden for several days. Toris is very anxious, especially about his past managing to catch up with him in Eden
History: Toris was born in a small Eastern European country, and grew up with a relatively normal childhood. His parents didn’t get along at all with his Polish neighbors, since they themselves were Lithuanian, but never forbade him to become friends with their son, Feliks. He enjoyed his childhood, which was mostly centered around his friendship with the blonde, until they turned ten, when Feliks moved away and Toris was left alone.

He made a few friends, but no one that he really felt as close to as he had Feliks, so Toris generally kept to himself. When he finally graduated, he went to the local college, whereupon he met another man. He was treated affectionately, perhaps a little roughly, but he was sure that it was all well-meant. As the two grew closer, Toris noted that the man became more possessive, more likely to go into jealous fits of rage, even if all Toris did was look in another person’s general direction.

One night, during one of their fights, the man snapped and beat Toris until he was bloody, sending him into intensive care. Before anyone, friends or family, could find him, Toris checked himself out of the hospital, packed what little belongings he had and fled, winding up in a city named Eden, determined not to let his past catch up with him.
RP Sample: Toris slid into bed gratefully, ready to relax and sleep off a long and stressful day. Final exams had been given out, and he was willing to put off grading the essays for another few days. He smiled weakly, fluffing his pillow and laying back, both grateful that his first school year was over, and sad that his classes were all moving up. With a sigh, he rolled onto his side, shutting his eyes and preparing for his first night of sleep that wasn’t brought on by sheer exhaustion.

It tugged at him gently, until he was finally lulled, mind slipping into unconsciousness.

"Toris, how dare you! How dare you!"

The sound of a leather belt being pulled from someone’s pants, the swish-crack of it flying through the air, his own shrill yelp in reply to the burning, searing-

Toris sat up with a start, panting and shivering in the dark as he scrambled for the lamp. He pulled his knees to his chest and scooted back to lean against the headboard, trying weakly to assure himself that he was fine, that no one was there, that he was safe.

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