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Post  Ice on Tue May 31, 2011 3:27 am

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The reopening of Monstalia is complete. Whether you be human or creature of myth, all are welcomed to embrace the dark, mysterious world that unfolds before them.

In a world where magic reigns supreme and mystical creatures are in no short supply. You have to ask yourself, what do the rich enjoy as a hobby? Bragging, of course. About their most prized treasures. Because only a handful of people can catch them, mystical creatures for pets cost a pretty penny. This leaves the poor out of the running for owning any such magnificent creature. Of course, smaller, more tame pets with no real edge can be bought as mere playmates for children -like fairies. They themselves cost a decent amount, but not so steep that a poor family could never afford one. For the humans, this is a blessing.

For the mystical creatures themselves, this is a curse. Living freely was all any of them ever wished for -until humans found ways to forcefully contain their will. Trinkets that look like they could easily be broken, can hold great power over the creatures. Whether it’s from trying to remove the objects, or a master’s will, they can send the creature great pain. Draining, the optimism of ever getting their freedom back, from the creatures souls

If you’re a human of high caliber, it’s all fine and dandy for you. However, if you are a person of low caliber or one of the sought after creatures yourself… How will you survive the agony and despair of being brought to your knees as no more than playthings for the rich?


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